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Thread: The Dance

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    The Dance

    I'm reading the latest issue of Country Music Magazine, and one of the features is called The Story Behind the Song. This month's song is "The Dance." I was hoping I would be able to link to the online version of the magazine, but this article is not part of it; so instead I'll type up an excerpt that I found interesting, although some of the information I had known.
    Tony Arata got the idea for "The Dance" from the '80s movie Peggy Sue Got Married, but it wasn't a dance scene that inspired him. It was an emotional moment between Kathleen Turner, as a grown woman who has traveled back in time to her teenage years, and Nicolas Cage, as the high school sweetheart who became her husband.

    "She's being asked to marry him again," Arata recalls. "This time she's sitting there from the perspective of knowing how dreadful it all turned out. She says 'No' There's a locket around her neck and her kids' picture is starting to fade."

    The scene stuck with Arata. "It's the realization that you don't get to pick and choose your memories, and it's a good thing that you don't."
    While I was reading this, I felt like this was so much like the movie Frequency.

    Anyway, the rest of the article talked about how Tony and Garth hooked up and how Garth told Tony he wanted to record The Dance if he ever got a record deal. A good part of the article was similar to what is on Tony's website here.


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    Wow! Never would have guessed, but that situation does mirror the whole point of the song. You're absolutely right about the Frequency connection too. You can think you'd just go back in time and change one event and make things better. It wouldn't occur to most of us how many other events that would also change.

    Dreams can come true with God's great angels like you.
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    Fate sure was in play when Garth heard the Dance for the first time. I wonder, if not for Garth's interpetation of the song through video, and his passion when he performs it, If I would have gotten much more out of the song than a love gone bad situation.

    Garth has said that it's the message, not the messanger that matters, but in this case, I have to disagree with him.


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    I can see the whole Frequency connection.. very cool!

    when i think of The dance, I think of the people who have given up thier lives for a dream they believed in. Ex: Jesus, JFK, MLK Jr. people from Challenger or Columbia

    I think it's the messaenger who really makes the song hit home..

    nice interpreatation by tony tho..

    god and peace,

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    I LOVED the movie "Peggy Sue Got Married" and still enjoy catching it when I see it replayed on the late movie or something. I can certainly see the connection with the Dance, it's cool Tony was that impressed with the story as well. Frequency is the same variation on a theme as well.

    I've often found in my own life that things that I really hated happening... often had a future benefit of some kind... even if it was to teach me an unpleasant lesson.

    So, when bad things happen... I just try to hang on and remember that somewhere down the line it serves a purpose.
    But you've got to be tough when consumed by desire
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    You said that just right Snow!!!
    "No Day Holds As Much Future As Today"

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