it's beein originally written in spanish and it took me two weeks to finally word it in english.Hope ya like it

Write down a wish sweetie
That's what you've asked
I haven't known what to say
I just smiled and with a wink
i stated "let me think "

But i don't have to
I don't need anything else
Don't you give me enough?

I see your pretty face everyday
your kisses on my lips
wake me every morning
while i'm dead asleep

Do you love me?
Of course you do
You say it when i ask
and even when i don't

I know how much you love me
i find how much i mean to you
in every little thing you do

When the smell of a rose
besides a cup of coffee
comes with you to the bedroom
before i get up

i love the way you look
the way you look at me
how you catch my hand
down the street

Wrapp your arms around me
taking me by surprise
when i'm lost in thoughts
or lost in a daze

And then late at nights
we love and laugh
while the candles lit the room
when we do not need words
to be spoken