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Thread: Who's your cowboy?

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    Who's your cowboy?

    probably the closest i'll ever get to a cowboy poem. once again it started with a dream, and becos i've been reading alot of Baxter Black it kinda came out this way.

    'The Boss' is a name alot of cowboy's use for Themselves Upstairs. (lol not related to Bruce Springsteen.)

    gimme all ya got!

    copyright 2003
    deAnnalynn Rice

    Who's Your Cowboy?

    She was thinking of the miles,
    between her longing heart and his.
    Of moonlit rides on horseback,
    thru golden honey wheat fields.

    The sun had just begun to set,
    Day birds began their nite nesting.
    As she remembered the simple words he spoke,
    Her eyes grew bright and misted.

    "Who's your Cowboy, little lady?"
    he softly whispered in her ear.
    "And who's my girl, ya know,
    who holds my heart when i am far away?"

    "The one that I will dream of
    When the day winds to a close.
    Baby, tell me, who's your cowboy?
    and who's my yellow rose?"

    Now he knew how hard it was for her,
    To say the words, he needed to hear.
    She looked up at him, her heart saying yes,
    but her eyes said "i'm not quite sure"

    Not cos she didn't feel the same,
    She just was hopin in was okey.
    She'd never had a love near like his,
    It's still new for her to this very day.

    But every single word she spoke,
    Made her feelings might clear.
    And as she watched the coral sunset,
    She smiled and dried her tears.

    She waited for the first true star,
    That twinkled down it's light.
    Lit a candle and closed her eyes,
    as she spoke to 'The Boss' that night.

    "Watch o'er him and all his pards,
    and let him hear these simple words.
    you will always be my cowboy,
    and i will always be your girl.

    "In my heart and soul you will remain,
    and when i hold you in my dreams.
    Time and distance have no meaning,
    My love, my life, my friend"

    "Baby, you are my cowboy
    and i, your yellow rose.
    You will never have to worry
    my love just grows and grows."

    "Nothing will ever change that,
    Sickness, wealth, war, nor man.
    And whenever you need to hear it
    i'll gladly say it again . ."

    "Baby you are my cowboy
    i will always be your girl.
    Time and distance have no meaning
    My love, my life, my friend."v
    take care,


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    this is a great poem! One of my favorite's

    god and peace,

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