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Thread: who else(chris gaines) for breakfast?

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    who else(chris gaines) for breakfast?

    ok all I have asked to put your input as to how the video of ~~LOST IN YOU~~ might look, hope there are more.<P>WEll this question of the week is . Suppose you sit down to breakfast to eat to him, and you are his bookign agent, where might you place his next concert, Your town, state, etc?<P>I say first he orders just a grapefruit and coffee sans the sugar on both. <BR>And I book him first to perform at smaller venues so as his old fans from CRUSH DAYS ( previous band) are more likely to come. I would book him at The house of blues but as a unbilled performer(surprise) <P>HOUSE OF BLUES<BR>small clubs in LA and NY <BR>then later bigger venues<P>and you???N

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    Okay, if I was Chris Gaines booking agent and we were eating breakfast, I would be eating either <B>Fruity</B> <B>Pebbles</B> or <B>Lucky</B> <B>Charms</B>, I don't need no bran flakes yet. :) I think Chris would be eating maybe <B>Wheaties</B> or something, maybe he would drink a coke or coffee and thats it. :) I would book him in maybe a small night club or something. :) N

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    come all pretend, tell us your thoughts on chris and his wheaties (giggle) and his travels near or far?? <P>diana elizabethN

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    is it you do not like this question or my ?'s, or too shy to pretend.LOLO ha!!!<P>come on :-) lets pretend, N

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    Now don't get angry with me.....<BR>but...<BR>your all talking about Chris Gaines like <BR>he's a real person not to mention alive....ah isn't he going to be dead in the beginning of the movie then it will flash back over his career?<BR>I'm really hyped about the Chris Gaines Project too but I'm sure there ain't nothing like the real GB man...oh those eyes-n-thighs.<P>Just a little reality check <BR>cause I love ya all! N

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    Hey Kristen, I'd probably be eating something sugary like Fruity Pebbles, too ;) Hmmm...I'd actually book him at the biggest place I could find...the AlamoDome in San Antonio, Texas. I think it would be better to book him in bigger places, because once everyone sees that Chris Gaines can draw big crowds (I'm sure that when he does his special for NBC, even his country fans who don't like the CG music will show up), they will be intrigued and try to find out what CG is all about :)N

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    BIGFAN4LIFE<P>you are so right, that is a good idea. many will diss him now , but you can bet they will be hopped up on what is the latest adn when he performs and where..<P>good point very good point i agree with you . and booking him in texas whoaaaa talk about a good time of music!!!<P>any more thoughts , seems many have some but are too shy no?<P>diana elizabethN

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