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Thread: How many platinum?

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    How many platinum?

    I was reading this top 10 book a while ago for 2001. One of the top 10 was for the most platinum albums. I know I did not read this wrong, but it said Garth Brooks had what I think was 97, but it was close to the 100s. Elvis came in second with around 50, and the rest is irrelavent. I was wondering if Garth really did get that many, and if not, how many did he get? The only reason I am questioning this is because I found what may have been another mistake in that book, and in the Guiness book of world records for 2002, Garth wasn't on top for most platinum. Someone help me out please
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    First of all, welcome to PG. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

    It sounds like they are talking about two different things. Garth has sold over 100,000,000 records, not 97 platinum records. As far as Elvis, I'm not sure if the 50 is referring to the number of platinum records he has or that he has sold 50,000,000 records (although I think he has sold much more than that).


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    I have been here before as countryboy11. I'm sure no one remembers me as I only posted a few things. I was just curious then what were his good songs because I had just found out about Garth Brooks and how great he is I also posted a few things on why he retired and if he would come back.

    Thanks for clearing that up a little. How does 100,000,000 records compare to the other artists? That sounds like a lot to me, but I don't know what a good number is for top artists.
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    Well we're glad you've come back to us again!

    I think he currently sits around 104 million records sold, which puts him as the top selling SOLO artist in the history of recorded music.

    By comparison, within a year of his hitting 100 million, George Strait hit 55 million and Alan Jackson hit 35 million. Garth had the best party too. LOL

    Hope you stick around and hang with us!

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