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Thread: Finally! Trisha Yearwood Interview Part 2

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    Finally! Trisha Yearwood Interview Part 2

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry for the long delay! I think you're really gonna like this. As much as I tried, I know I didn't get every word. Sometimes I just couldn't tell what was being said, other times I put down what I thought it was, and I'm sure I missed some stuff, but all in all I think it's pretty much, well, almost intact. Trisha, of course, was wonderful, but I also want to say something about the deejays.
    They're good guys and I think they're pretty cool and funny too. I listen to them every morning. They love Trisha and they really do support and appreciate Garth and are fans of both of them.

    I know, you're thinking enough already! Okay okay, well here we go.
    This will be a very LONNNNNNNNNG POST.

    HAPPY READING!!!!!!!

    Coming out of the comercial they play...
    "I Would Have Loved You Anyway"

    Peter Tilden: KZLA The Peter Tilden Morning Show with Buzz on America's most listend to country station. Trisha Yearwood! Trisha Yearwoood is here!

    Everyone claps. Yeah! (clapping) Yeah!

    PT: I'm so excited. I really am happy. You know you have some days that are like Christmas. I told my wife Trisha's coming in!(Trisha laughs)How excited were we about this?

    Buzz: I know we've been working on this for awhile and you are, you're lucky you guys didn't bet on it cause you'd be paying out right now.

    TY: Yeah

    PT: She promised she'd come in more and more often and and visit us. When you're out here..

    TY: I bet you didn't expect me to come in.

    PT: Yeah I did.

    TY: No, you didn't. (laughs)

    PT: I know, I guilted you enough, I guilted you enough

    TY: Yeah you did. (laughs)

    PT: The first time we ran into her was backstage at Garth...

    Buzz: Oh!

    PT: ...Garth and you at the, at the Forum.

    Buzz: At the Forum.

    PT: You were so funny 'cause you're so composed. I said Trisha you never come in, in the morning. I want one early morning, come in and you said well then you better get home now cause don't you have to go sleep and you walked...and it was like bye..(Trisha laughs)
    You know she's always never at a loss..

    TY: (jokingly and loudly) PETER TILDEN'S HARRASSING ME. I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE HALL. (laughter)

    PT: Never..that's the last thing she..she saw me come down the hall and it was like do I go in the door, do I duck, what do I say? (Trisha is laughing through all of this) We are thrilled to have you.

    TY: I am thrilled to be here, truly.

    PT: You are the best artist, one of the funniest, sweetest artists.

    TY: That's very sweet.

    PT: And such a great instrument. By the way do you play any instrument?

    TY: Not, well. I do play piano and guitar, a little bit, but...

    PT: Okay, I 've got some questions I wrote down late last night.
    Favorite album?

    TY: Oh wow! Um, probably Linda Ronstadt "Prisoner In Disguise".

    PT: There you go. Ever feel I can't believe I get paid for this?

    TY: (laughs) No

    PT: No you work hard..

    TY: Yes, really I do..(laughs)

    PT: Do you every stand there and say..

    TY: No, I..

    PT: ..this is so much fun, I can't believe it.

    TY: Yeah, it's not, it's not..when people say something about your job you just have to kind of go yeah, right. I mean it's...

    PT: It's pretty cool.

    TY: It's very cool.

    PT: Got your own bus and everything...uh, last time you saw Garth?

    TY: Um, about a week ago.

    PT: Now, is he out here?

    TY: No.

    PT: Is he ever out here?

    TY: Yeah.

    PT: 'Cause I do something everyday on the air where we, we have a contest and stuff like that. I always say and Garth Brooks if you're out there and you're my twelfth caller call 1-800-977-1939. (Trisha is laughing softly in the background) I figure if I say it every single day one day he'll call in.

    TY: I think if you say that..if you're on the air like at midnight you might get a call. (laughs)(Buzz laughs)

    PT: Oh really, not in the morning?

    TY: Garth is, no no, not a morning guy.

    PT: He doesn't get up in the morning either. Okay, fine.
    Will you tell him I said it?

    TY: (laughs) Yeah, I will.

    PT: Um, let's see, if you could sing anything like are you ever going to do a standards album of standard classics...

    TY: I want to, absolutely.

    PT: ..cause your voice would lend itself to that big time.

    TY: I want to for sure.

    PT: When's that gonna happen, you think?

    TY: I don't know, in the next couple of years probably.

    PT: Cool! That would be wonderful to hear. Um, are there acting plans?

    TY: Um, I was just saying that I..telling Buzz that I was reading for some things, you know, out here so maybe..we'll see

    PT: Well, that's cool, you'll be out more. Um, what do you collect? Are you a collector of anything?

    TY: Not really. I, uh, I used to um, I use to collect things..if you mentioned that you liked something and then you get a ton of it and so now I just..I say I collect hundred dollar bills.(laughter)

    PT: Uh, that's very sweet..uh we got one for you (Trisha laughs)
    Nothing you..what's the dumbest thing you bought when you started making money where you still go I can't believe I spent money on that?

    TY: I'm uh, I'm, I'm a banker's daughter so I'm never..I'm pretty conservative.

    PT: You don't splurge.

    TY: uh uh

    PT: Okay, how much have you lost in the market?

    TY: Um, I'm a banker's daugher. I'm..

    PT: You're conservative.

    TY: I have my money in cds.

    PT: Wow, look at you!

    TY: Yeah.

    PT: Okay, um growing up who did you want to be?..like I wanted to be Paul McCartney.

    TY: Well, if we're being honest here, I wanted to be Cher. (laughs)

    PT: You..Whoahhhh!

    TY: Then I wanted to be Linda Ronstadt. I still pretty much want to be Linda Ronstadt.

    PT: That's cool and Linda Ronstadt wants to be you (Trisha laughs) which is an odd kind of...

    TY: Isn't that strange?

    PT: Uh, yeah, let's see..oh I asked you where you live now. Let's go to the email. Do you want to go to listener email here..

    TY: Sure

    Pt: ..for a second?

    TY: Sure (laughs)

    PT: While on tour, this if from Sheryl Badger, uh while on tour do you travel with your dog?

    TY: Um, not anymore my dog is 13 years old.

    PT: Ohhh...

    TY: And um she um likes to be home and my housesitter has a dog so my dog is very happy right now. She's not missing...

    PT: And we found you travel on the bus with your band..

    TY: Yes I do.

    PT: You're not like a big shot who travels on your own bus.

    TY: Not at all.

    PT: Okay, um what newspapers & magazines do you read? Um, this is from M.G. Casper..Jasper, I'm sorry.

    TY: I read USA Today...especially because, 'cause it's usually available wherever I am um and whatever magazine, you know I,I read uh, I read...

    PT: In Style?

    TY: Uh, no not really. I'm not really a, I kind of don't read that many magazines unless whatever's on the bus..


    TY: What a sneaky question?! (laughter)

    Buzz: Ohhhhh!

    TY: You're so clever.

    PT: You're so clever.

    TY: You're so clever.

    PT: You can't see the dagger (Trisha laughs)

    Buzz: Yeah.

    PT: You can't see the daggers

    TY: No, I haven't, haven't picked up Modern Bride.

    PT: Look at the smirk on your face. (Trisha laughs) It made you laugh though, it made you laugh.

    TY: It did, it was good, it was ...

    PT: Every girl loves to read Modern Bride, come on! (Trisha laughs)

    TY: (still laughing, and with self deprecating humor)
    Every 37 year old girl who's really screwed up her love life her entire adult life really loves to read Modern Bride!

    PT: Oh god.

    TY: What color can you wear now?!
    (Peter & Buzz are cracking up)

    PT: Okay, (addressing GB) that's the dress Garth. (Trisha laughs)
    Um, then she wrote does she prefer barbecue pulled, sliced or chopped? (laughter)

    Buzz: Ohhhh!

    TY: That is WAY too personal!

    PT: Okay, fine.

    TY: Okay

    PT: How much time do you plan on taking off when this tour ends?

    TY: Um, I don't know...just gonna go home and you know s..see (laughs) I don't know

    PT: (?)...were about to cry (laughs) Okay, uh... (laughter)

    TY: No, you're (tape skips)

    PT: ... your reaction... (laughter)
    NAOMI FERRIS asks what is the most embarrasssing thing that has happened to you on stage?

    TY: Um,(laughs) I was playing..the first year I was on tour in '91, I was playing a show in Scottsdale Arizona with Garth & I was the opening act and had twenty minutes & it was 114 degrees and they're telling you it's a dry heat, but you can't breathe so I wore..it's kind of a long story, I'm sure you don't really want to know the answer to this..but I wore this white dress and I wore these really spiky little shoes and I got my heels stuck in my dress and it pulled the skirt down in the back..

    PT: Mmm

    TY: ..and on the microphone, being new at being in front of people, I said a word that you don't say... (laughter)

    PT: Oh, boy..

    TY: ...over the mircrophone.

    PT: Big crowd?

    TY: Oh, yeah!..(laughter)..and I have a few fans who were at that show and everytime I see them "I was there when you said on the microphone"

    PT: Do they say..when you pulled your dress down? We got more? We got more emails to read and more questions to ask and we'll take your calls, 1-800-977-1939 or #939 on your sprint mobile phone. Are you having a good time?

    TY: I am.

    PT: We love you here. Trisha Yearwood on LA & Orange County's country 93.9 KZLA.


    Out of commercial they play "I DON'T PAINT MYSELF INTO CORNERS ANYMORE" (yaaay!)

    PT: 8:49, LA & Orange County's country 93.9 KZLA, The Peter Tilden Morning Show with Buzz on America's most listened to country station. "I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners Anymore".
    True or false? (saying it so lightheartedly) (Buzz laughs)
    Trisha Yearwood, true or false?

    TY: Today it's true! (laughter)

    PT: Yeah, there you are..you are ballsy, you give it back, don't you?

    TY: Yeah, I I well yeah, and and it's a learned thing because I was raised very, you know, Southern and very, you know, but I had to learn (laughs)..you guys are tough.

    PT: No, but I've known you..

    TY: Sink or swim.

    PT: ..I've interviewed you alot over the years um and there are times like I've watched you with people and if they're..you don't suffer fools gladly. If somebody goes over the line with you, you let them know.

    TY: Well I, yeah.

    PT: Can I see your feet? Take off your..(Trisha laughs)

    Buzz: Ughhh!

    TY: No.

    PT: No, that guy mentioned it..

    TY: Can I see your feet?

    PT: Um, absolutely.

    TY: I don't want..no no never mind, never mind, never mind (Peter laughs)

    PT: I was too quick with that.

    TY: Thanks, but yeah (laughs) I should have known better than to ask.

    PT: Trisha Yearwood's here!

    Buzz: Yeah!

    PT: We'll take some calls in a min..a couple more emails. What is your favorite, movie, tv show, book and song?

    TY: Uh, well (laughs) since you ask..

    PT: This is from Sierra Ogihira (pronounces my name wrong)

    TY: Um, my favorite movie of all time is probably "Wizard of Oz", but we were just talking about "Raising Arizona" off the air..

    PT: (softly) It's a funny movie

    TY: ...which is one of my all time favorites which I quote daily.

    PT: (starts to laugh) Which..give me a line from "Raising Arizona"

    TY: (with the accent and going a mile a minute)
    He's all bright(??)..you get there and give me a baby and they got more than they can handle (big laughs from everyone) (Trisha laughs)

    PT: God, that movie's fun. I'm just..if you haven't seen that movie rent, rent that movie...they're driving the car after doing a robbery and the paint explodes in the car (laughter) Oh man!

    TY: And he's, his hair, Nicholas Cage's hair is, is just worth seeing. (laughter)

    PT: Uh, okay what's your favorite tv show?

    TY: Um, "Sex and The City"

    PT: Really, did you see the season opener?

    TY: No!

    PT: I won't ruin it for you.

    TY: I'm fine with it. I haven't had a chance to see it.

    PT: Won't ruin it for you. Favorite book?

    TY: I don't know, I read a lot

    PT: Your favorite meal?

    TY: Number 4 super sized (Buzz laughs)

    PT: Okay here come the Garth questions. Are you two in love?

    TY: (saying this over part of that question) That WAS a Garth question! (laughter)

    PT: You are impossible. You are impossible, young lady. Um, let's see, what do what do you think Garth would say is your best quality and what do you think is his best quality?

    TY: (starts to laugh) Uh (laughs) I don't know what he would say is my best quality is ...there's so many to choose from um his best quality is uh (sighs) uh I, I ..pass next question.

    PT: You better come up with one! (laughter) How about I say...

    TY: I was trying to be smart.. (intelligent not smart alecky)


    TY: ..I was trying to be..I was, okay..

    PT: (really fast) Integrity, integrity

    TY: ..okay, uh uh.. (slightly flustered)

    PT: Honesty, truth and the American way.

    TY: (in a lilting tone) His quiet, gentle way.

    PT: There you go. Okay, uh this is from, let's see, Nicole. If there were going to be a Behind The Music on you, what would be the low point of your career? (laughter) Oh...

    TY: Other than this morning?

    (everyone groans)

    PT: Ughhh, Ohhhh, Owww!, that hurts. If you cut me, do I not bleed? Ow..

    TY: It was such a joke, it was such a joke..

    PT: okay

    TY: ..it was a joke. There will never be a Behind The Music 'cause I I, you know...

    PT: You're not going to crash and burn.

    TY: You watch the car crashes, you see the rehab, you see it's not, it's not gonnna..

    PT: (announcer like voice) And then Trisha...

    TY: Yeah

    PT: ..realized her life was spinning out of control..

    TY: As she ordered the second No. 4 super size (laughter)

    PT: (Trisha is laughing) You don't wanna get to the commericial break 'cause as it breaks, you know trouble is happening.

    TY: Yeah

    PT: Let's go to the phone, KZLA, Good morning.

    Listener: Hi Trisha!

    TY: Who's this?

    Listener: This is Linda..

    TY: Hi, Linda.

    Linda: ..from Laguna Niguel. Good morning, I love your voice. You have so much soul in your songs..

    PT: Thank you. (laughter)

    TY: Don't mind him, Linda. What's your question? (laughs)

    Linda: I know they're wild, but that's what keeps it going. Um, I have two questons. The first one is that there are so many people in the music business that have great big voices and they don't all make it and so I was wondering um your opinion..what are the most important qualities of a singer who does make it in the music business? And then my second question is, who do you listen to?

    TY: Um, well, I I think the qualities that make somebody successful change daily. I mean, it's, you know, I I I'm not sure whay some people make it and some people don't. I know, in my case, a lot of it was being very persistent. I was in Nashville for a long time and I was uh I really believed that this was what I was suppose to do. So, you know, you never..there's no text book that tells you if you do this, this and this you can be successful, but to make yourself open when those opportunites come along um not really knowing how they're going to help you, but they do and for me that was my base. I listen to um uh, I listen to just what I think is good music. Some of it's getting played on the radio and some of it's not. I'm a big..we talked about Linda Ronstadt..um I'm a big Diamond Rio fan. They're my pals and I think they make great music. Um, Nickel Creek is one of my new favorite artists.. so I like a variety of stuff.

    PT: Thanks for calling in.

    Linda: Thank you.

    PT: Alright, you know what, Trisha is going to hang around. We're going to do some news, you're gonna complete promos for the station & stuff and then 'cause we love you so much and we can't believe you're here, we're gonna keep you 'til the Alan Jackson concert tonight (laughter) and get some more..well just Garth all the time!
    Just call with Garth questions. Uh, Garth if you're listening 1-800-977-1939, (Trisha is laughing throughout this) if you're our twelfth caller, we're going to move you in front of the line to meet Toby Keith (the station's big promotion has been to meet Toby Keith plus him singing at a record store on July 29th) (Trisha laughs) That's all coming up next on LA & Orange County's country 93.9 KZLA (more laughter)


    PT: I say this sincerely, I'm so thrilled and honored that you came in...you spent all this time with us. Trisha Yearwood is here! (clapping, cheering)

    TY: I..thank you, I've had a great time.

    PT: You got like the best voice in country. It's an amazing instrument, don't abuse it, um (he and Buzz laugh) the album's called "Inside Out"

    TY: Yes sir! (laughter)

    PT: The album is called, the album is called "Inside Out". Go get it, spend money on this lady 'cause she'll never let you down. You really have such an integrity...no, you stayed the course too. You do what you do. You've done it for a long time. How many years have you've been at this by the way?

    TY: Eleven

    PT: And what was the first break? Who discovered you?

    TY: Um, Tony Brown, uh really 'cause I was doing, I was doing a lot of demos for publishers and songwriters and they were hearing my voice everywhere and I playing, um I was playing in a club uh with a guy named Pat Alger who is a songwriter and um Tony came out and uh and heard me and that night said hey let's do, let's make a record and I thought, okay. I mean when I I..

    PT: It's the real deal.

    TY: ..been in, I've been in town for six years, but once that happened it happened pretty quickly after that.

    PT: That's amazing and you were a receptionist up to that.

    TY: I was, I was

    PT: Did that, did that eat your heart out when you saw people who you knew, not from a jealously standpoint, but that had a..you have a bigger voice than them and you hear them do the demos, you hear them do the songs and you go gosh if I could just get the chance.

    TY: Yeah, because most..for the most part I was not aggressive. I was not I, you know, didn't tell people at the label I sang 'cause I want to keep my job and I wasn't aggressive and watching everybody come in & out of the door everyday doing what I wanted to do was like okay you're going to be answering phones & ordering liquid paper forever if you..

    PT: Oh man!

    TY: ..don't tell somebody you want to do this. So it, it really lit a fire under me.

    PT: Is somebody still ordering liquid paper and doing that, that was doing it with you and is going "I'm going to kill myself" (Trisha laughs)They get..'cause they see you on tour, you know being descended...

    TY: I hope not.

    PT: ...into an arena like, you know and they're going I'm still ordering liquid paper...

    TY: I hope not. This lady, this lady I worked for is gone from Mary Tyler Moore Records. We were like a tax writeoff. People would come in and ask us if Mary was there (Peter laughs) you know, is Lou Grant in the building or just crazy stuff or could they sing for me, the receptionist. They'd come with their guitars...

    PT: Oh man.

    TY: ..and I I wish I could help you, but I can't help. If I could help someone...

    PT: I wouldn't be sitting here.

    TY: ..it would probably be me, yeah.

    Pt: Wow, yeah.

    Buzz: Well, here we are now eleven years later and you've sung everywhere. You sang at the Academy Awards, the Olympics, all over the place. Is there any place you would really like to..have you sung at the White House?

    TY: I have.

    Buzz: Is there anyplace..if Trisha Yearwood could sing like..(laughter)

    PT: (mocking tone) No, she has no where. (Buzz laughs) She's done everywhere.

    TY: Here! (laughs)

    PT: Yeah! Good answer. No, is there any place that you haven't...

    TY: Um, well the only one of the people I really want to sing with is Ronstadt. I keep talking about her. I'm stalking her. I'm sure she's like.. (laughs)

    PT: Wait a minute..

    TY ..extra...

    PT: I don't mean to be arrogant or anything, but how hard could that be to make happen?

    TY: Well, it's not as easy as you might think. I mean, I've talked to her when I was making the "Real Live Woman" album about working together and uh we we're..I was going to ask her to come in and sing harmony on something and she really wanted to um just have me fly to Tucson and hang out and figure out something to do and we're going to do it, but we just haven't done it yet.

    PT: Linda Ronstadt's probably making her bed right now, figuring out what days, what she needs in the store..I mean what's her...

    TY: She's actually touring. I've been following her around a little bit..

    PT: Okay, stop it.

    TY: She's not uh, you know..I'm but I'm

    PT: But, let me say..

    TY: I'm edging, I'm getting to her..

    PT: It's America's most listened to country station. Let me just throw this out there if I can help you. Linda if you're listening..

    TY: If you're caller number twelve.. (laughter)

    PT: ..if you would like to , if you would like to record an album with Trisha Yearwood call right now 1-800-977-1939 (laughs) and Garth if you're listening and you would like to meet Toby Keith 1-800-977-1939 (laughter)

    TY: Oh, you people are wrong! Just wrong!

    PT: Okay, now let's see how well you know Trisha Yearwood.

    TY: okay

    PT: Okay, ready

    TY: alright

    PT: Trisha Yearwood you grew up in:

    A. Georgetown
    B. Monticello Georgia or(pronounces it wrong then corrects himself)
    C. The Bronx

    TY: (laughs) Monticello Georgia

    PT: One of your biggest influences in music was:

    A. Zeppelin
    B. Minnie Pearl
    C. Linda Ronstadt

    TY: Well, they're all, it's it's a three way tie, but Ronstadt I would have to say edges out. (someone laughs)

    PT: You're first break with (?) was:

    A. "All My Ex's(sp?)Live In Texas"
    B. "She's In Love With The Boy" or
    C. "Achy Breaky Heart"

    TY: "She's In Love With The Boy"

    PT: There you go.

    TY: These are difficult.

    PT: You were once quoted as saying:

    "I just flat out love to sing. If you really feel it, hopefully other people will feel it too."

    "I just flat out love to sleep. When you see someone yawn, it makes you want to yawn too" ( a little laughter)

    "I just flat out love to drink (starting to laugh) Sometimes (Trisha starts to laugh) I wake up in strange places which is scary yet thrilling.

    TY: I, I'm not sure which one of those..(laughs) (Buzz laughs)

    PT: Yeah!(clapping) Well, you know what, will you please come back again?

    TY: I will.

    PT: You are, you are a wonderfully talented lady, you know that. Go see her tonight, if there are any left. She's down at the Pond with Alan Jackson, a very...a nice gentleman. Do you hang with him before the show at all?

    TY: Um, I've only done one show with uh last year we did a show together. We, we actually sung together. So I don't know, I don't know if I'll see him or not 'cause, you know, I'm here so...

    PT: So see her..Go have a great sound check. We know now why Garth is in love with you.

    TY: Why is that?

    PT: If he..'cause you're wonderful (Trisha laughs) No, you're you're a wonderfully..you're wonderful, you're talented, you're very sexy...Let me see your feet?

    Buzz: Ohhhhhh! (laughter)

    PT: This is LA and Orange County's country 93.9 KZLA. Trisha Yearwood thank you for coming in. (clapping)

    TY: Thank you, thank you

    PT: Anytime, anytime

    That's it! Wow! I told you it was a long post. I hope you feel your patience was rewarded. Wasn't that cool and fun to read? Trisha's awesome! I have to say, even though it took awhile, that is was my pleasure to do this and that I love to see all your reactions and that you really enjoy reading all of this. I would love to know what your favorite parts were and I think there was a lot to choose from.

    I registered at TY.com, but haven't received a response for the password so maybe Rachael, Naomi or somebody can let everyone there know that the rest of the interview is posted. Please say "Hi!" for me and that I hope they enjoy the interview.

    It's finally done...now if only Garth would come in or call in to the station. Garth, if you're reading this, you know what to do...call 1-800-977-1939. I'm pretty sure you have a standing invitation, so PLEASE CALL IN! You'll have a really fun time and you too can meet Toby Keith. I know, I know ..


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    Seira, thank you so much for taking the time to type this all up. You are awesome!

    I look forward to the CD of classics she is planning to do.


    Listen not to the critics
    Who put their own dreams on the shelf
    ~ How You Ever Gonna Know ~
    Kent Blazy/Garth Brooks

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    THANK YOU SEIRA!!! It must have taken you so long to type all that out, but it is SO appreciated! She really is so funny! Loved the thing about getting Garth to call in. Very cute!

    Dreams can come true with God's great angels like you.
    Completely Wrapped Up in Garth, and loving it!

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    Lord! ROTFLMAO!!!! The woman is absolutely hysterical!! I could not stop laughing the entire time I read that! I'd stop laughing, then the next line would send me into fits again!!! LOL There were a few parts that I liked the best...This one made me raise my eyebrows, I can't believe she said it on air...

    PT: Got your own bus and everything...uh, last time you saw Garth?
    TY: Um, about a week ago.
    PT: Now, is he out here?
    TY: No.
    PT: Is he ever out here?
    TY: Yeah.
    PT: 'Cause I do something everyday on the air where we, we have a contest and stuff like that. I always say and Garth Brooks if you're out there and you're my twelfth caller call 1-800-977-1939. (Trisha is laughing softly in the background) I figure if I say it every single day one day he'll call in.
    TY: I think if you say that..if you're on the air like at midnight you might get a call. (laughs)(Buzz laughs)
    PT: Oh really, not in the morning?
    TY: Garth is, no no, not a morning guy.
    She opened herself up for some crap there...

    My favorite parts:
    The vh1 thing...."as she ordered a second number 4 super size!!!" LOL

    "PT: Every girl loves to read Modern Bride, come on! (Trisha laughs)
    TY: (still laughing, and with self deprecating humor)
    Every 37 year old girl who's really screwed up her love life her entire adult life really loves to read Modern Bride!"

    "TY: Can I see your feet?
    PT: Um, absolutely.
    TY: I don't want..no no never mind, never mind, never mind " (I laughed really really hard at this part!!)

    "]PT: Your favorite meal?
    TY: Number 4 super sized (Buzz laughs)
    PT: Okay here come the Garth questions. Are you two in love?
    TY: (saying this over part of that question) That WAS a Garth question!"
    ~WOW!!! that was a very very very interesting response....

    and of course I loved the trying to get Garth to call to meet Toby Keith...that was pretty funny...do you think they'd actually let me sing with Trisha if I called?

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    Thank you so so so much Seira!! I really enjoyed that....definitely worth the wait!!!


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    Los Angeles
    I'm really glad you all are enjoying this. Trisha is so funny and I also have to give credit to our deejays too. I loved some of the same parts you all said were your favoirtes. I'm sure there are more. Please excuse the typos and mistakes. I swear I caught them, but you know I guess I was just staring at the screen too long or something. If I ever get a chance to this again for you all, I certainly won't hesitate.


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    Hi Seira,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post part 2 of the interview with Trisha, it was well worth the wait and your hard work is appreciated. I have put up a post at TY.com and let everyone know that part 2 is here so I am sure they will drop by.

    The song Love Will Always Win is me, it is Trisha and myself, its Us - Garth Brooks

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    Thanks so much Siera - we just got back from camping and to have Part 2 waiting to read was awesome!!! I love all of it!!

    I agree the part about her comment on Garth in the morning - may have opened up a little banter; but the who the heck cares! More power to them! They certainly are of consenting age and since neither of them is married - enjoy the time you have!!!

    Thanks again so much for typing all that - it must have been a lot of work!!!

    Trisha 'n Garth Fan

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    I don't think her saying he's not a morning person will open up anything-they toured on a bus for 3 years after all. I would imagine everybody from the band to the crew would know if he was/wasn't a morning person.
    "Grace is when God gives us what we don't deserve and mercy is when God doesn't give us what we do deserve" - Dan Roberts

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    I'm sure that everyone does know that he isn't a morning person...but you know the tabloids...the comment "Garth is not a morning guy" can take off and become "I'm pregnant and we're getting married...yada yada yada" really quick. (Yeah I know both of those have already been printed...I never said I was creative!) And I agree that they should do whatever they feel like doin'


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    Seira that was AWESOME!
    Thank you thank you thank you!


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    I wanted her REAL answer of his best quality! lmao I doubt she was thinking his kind a gental way

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    Oh come on Greeny!~! I'm sure she was definitely thinking of that "KIND AND GENTLE WAY".....that the rest of us are not privy too!!! <---If you get my drift.


    Originally posted by Greeny
    I wanted her REAL answer of his best quality! lmao I doubt she was thinking his kind a gental way
    Don't you know, Nobody drinks alone, Every demon, every ghost from your past and, every memory you've held back follows you home, Nobody drinks alone.

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    Sue you are bad

    I must agree with you though - I'm sure there was some hidden meaning there - with Trisha I think there usually is! She likes to banter and really seemed to loosen up with Peter!

    Trisha 'n Garth Fan

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    Sue....Sue...Sue. I'm sitting here LMAO. Hehehehe. I defentily...am down in the gutter where I always am!!!!
    "Let's Roll!!!" Todd Beamer 9/11 Victim

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    I thought it was sad how Trisha brings up her total love life so far as a failure. Surely, like her song "I Would Have Loved You Anyway", that she can someday put those "failures" behind her as good experiences? Sounds like Garth has a tough job ahead of him convincing her she's not a failure to him. I'd say that quiet,gentle way of his she loves so much might just might help do the trick.

    Also, I absolutely love Prisoner in Disguise too. I have that, and a few other of Linda's albums from around that time on vinyl. I practically wore them out. Her voice compells you to belt it out with her.

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    Ahhhh, Thank you! You Rule for doing this! I LOVE Trisha's answers--she sure seemed like she was having a GREAT TIME!!! OMG She is SOOO FUNNY!!! What a great sense of humor and a wonderful-playful personality! Gotta love those answers, and how she manages to say things without really saying anything! Ahhh, to hear it would be awesome--nothing better than hearing Trisha Laugh! Ok--that was a wonderful interview! To bad all djs aren't so good to Trisha!

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    Seira, Thank you so much for going above and beyond the call of fan duty! We love and appreciate you more than words can say! If we had a virtual wall of fame at PG, your name would be up there right along with Brandon (of course,) Moni, Mary Liz, Joyce, Rachael and all the others who bring us Garthy pride & excitement!

    That interview was such a joy to read. I was laughing so hard! What a riot Trisha is! I want to take her out, get her drunk and girl talk all night! Of course, when I thought her tongue was loose enough, I'd hit her with "so, what does Garth really wear - boxers or briefs?" and "?,?,?" I wont say what the rest of them would be!

    I am a bit baffled that as much admiration the dj's show for Trisha, why isn't "I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners" on their playlist? I just went to R&R to look and it isn't there!

    So Garth, if you're out there listening, and you're the twelveth caller, can you request the song?! LOL


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    Hey Ann I agree! What's up with the lack of airtime for Trisha's new song! I started a thread over on Trisha's board asking fans to email my local DJ. He says he doesn't get enough requests for the song, so his Producer won't let him play it - I'm the only one asking for it! They haven't played it even ONCE! So I posted his email address and several people have said they have emailed him.

    His email is jasonandtraci@kixx.com - anyone over here that wants to email him and ask for the song I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners - please do! We have this "email relationship" going, so I'm sure to hear about it and I can't wait! He totally asked for it, by saying he didn't get enough requests! So lets overload his email with requests!

    Trisha 'n Garth Fan

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    Thats what I'd like to know--so many djs that talk to her are so sweet and really seem to support her and all, but yet her last couple of songs go no where? WHY can't they SUPPORT Her Music? I'd like to be in radio for a month--with the POWER To Make CHANGES! Trisha would be THERE! And Her New stuff! I wish they'd play IDPMIC--I KNOW People would Love it!
    Naomi--we'll all just have to bombard radio with requests and get as many people as we can to help! Something HAS To GIVE!

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    There are several emails listed over on Trisha's board - I'm armed and ready to write Let's go!
    Trisha 'n Garth Fan

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    There is a picture on the KZLA website of Trisha and the deejays when she in for the interview. Scroll down to the middle of the page and look to the right. Click on the picture to make it bigger. Peter Tilden is on the right and Buzz is on the left.


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    Finally! Trisha Yearwood Interview Part 2

    Thanx for typing all that up. That must have been hard. It's very long but it makes great reading material.

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