I just got back from Iowa and the wierdest thing happened! i was with my family at a hometown baseball game and we saw Kevin Costner sitting a few rows behind us. my aunt loves him so we went to see if i could get her an autograph. of course he said yes and while he was finding a pen to write with he asked me how i liked baseball i told him i did and we were just talking about things like that and then music came up he said "well i like baseball fine but tonight im staying in and listening to music where i can get rid of my sunburn." we laughed and all then i asked him what he would listen to " and he looked up and said "i like country ill proabally listen to GARTH BROOKS" i looked at him and started to laugh. he laughed too and said "hey dont make fun of me!" i told him a wasnt that i loved garth brooks so much and so i talked to him for a little and told him i log on to planet garth and he said that once he got home he would too! so belooking for a movie star on the garth website! i got a pic ill try to scan it!

hope you liked the story! i couldnt believe it



kathleen opry