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Thread: More GOSSIP on my local station

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    More GOSSIP on my local station

    My local station has a segment called "Nashville Cat" - she is basically a "GOSSIP" and this morning she said that USA Today is reporting that Trisha is pregnant! I mean really - I can't believe that USA Today is stooping to that level too! I expect it from the STAR, GLOBE and NATIONAL ENQUIRER, but USA Today - I thought they had more class than that. Of course I had to call the DJ and tell him to stop picking on my girl - he was like "oh no - I knew you'd call! Hey I didn't say it, Nashville Cat did - it's in USA Today." So I used Trisha's line and said to him "Oh, well then it must be true!" He laughed! At least they have been playing Trisha's songs a lot this morning - no new ones though! (apparently I have made a big impression on him - he told me that during the broadcast he almost said, "Oh No - I know I'm gonna get a call on this one!")

    I keep trying to get him to play her new song. He keeps telling me he is trying to get it; then he told me that the production guy said he couldn't play it because "it's not testing well!". That really annoyed me so I emailed the production guy telling him so. The DJ said he would play it as soon as he was able to "upload" the song (from where I have no idea!) - he said he usually does the opposite of what people tell him to do.
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    Yes, it must be true if USA Today says it... and she's having twin boys and they're due in Dec.... I wish they'd get the story straight!
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    Ugh! When will it end? Now that it's no longer "are they together or not" stuff, they come up with this?

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