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Thread: Jimmy at TY concert

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    Jimmy at TY concert

    I saw Jimmy at Trisha's concert tonight in Dallas,
    and it was just so nice to see him again since
    that long but not so long ago concert in SPI.
    He dressed so different
    that it took me a while to realise it was him, and I did
    not have a close seat either. She introduced him later on,
    and I think tonight was the first night he played or at least
    one of the first(since she said he just learned the songs
    in 24 hours). Her fidle player is on leave (she's pregnant
    with twins) so they asked Jimmy to fill in.


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    How Cool! Thanks for posting...

    How was the concert?? Tell us more!


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    The concert was very good, TY is great. I like the song list
    she selected, which include 'Like you never have a broken heart'
    (or I hope that is the actual name of the song) I like that song
    very much on her album and you know who co-wrote it ;-)
    She had a mixture of old and new songs, and that made
    an interesting list.

    The way she dressed also nice, it make her looks good
    and now I don't think the cameras ever do her justice.
    The style was similar to what she had on stage with Garth
    in CA last year.

    A thing that I can't help to notice is:
    Jimmy is very quite during the concert, a completely
    different from Jimmy we've normally seen with Garth.

    If anyone else is going to her concert in the next couple of days
    properly will see Jimmy there too.


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    Jimmy is a very in-demand man these days! I'm so glad to hear he's doing well. Alyn - did you take pictures? If so, I do believe you'll be required to bring them to the PG Convention!
    Thanks for sharing with us

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    Convention? Tell me more

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    Hey Linda!

    Just go to the Planet Garth forum and up at the top you'll see a special thread for the convention. All the info. should be in there.


    Originally posted by LINDA BATSON
    Convention? Tell me more
    Don't you know, Nobody drinks alone, Every demon, every ghost from your past and, every memory you've held back follows you home, Nobody drinks alone.

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    I bet the concert was Excellent-I've never seen less from Trisha! Now as for Jimmy playing with Trisha--thats so cool that he could help her out! I Hope Heather is feeling ok and that the pregnancy is going well for her...as Much as I like Jimmy, I'm so Not ready to lose Heather yet!
    Hmmm, PG convention...sounds interesting...Here I go to check into what that is.

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    Jimmy sure is in demad these days! He's pretty talented to learn the songs in just one day. That had to be tough. If he didn't quite seem like himself, that's probably why. He had to concentrate too much on the songs, cause he didn't know them as well.

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    Since I finally decided to register, I thought I would mention that I saw Trisha in Houston on Thursday night. That was Jimmy's first night with them. Trisha said that he had about two hours to agree to get on the bus with them, and that he had learned all the songs on the bus ride to Houston. She said that she was very impressed with him. She made the comment that he remembered more of the songs than she did because she forgot the words to Thinkin About You. He was definitely a lot more low key than at the Garth concerts, and it took me a little while to realize who I was seeing.

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    Hi tawni123, Welcome to PG! Now we have another Texan PGer ;-)
    I think the way Jimmy dress, jean with loose shirt,
    which give him a completely different look, and
    that make it hard to recognise him.

    I didn't take any picture that night since I'm still in
    search for a new flash ;-( But I saw lots of people did.
    Sorry ;-( ;-)


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    Originally posted by tawni123
    Trisha said that he had about two hours to agree to get on the bus with them, and that he had learned all the songs on the bus ride to Houston. She said that she was very impressed with him. She made the comment that he remembered more of the songs than she did because she forgot the words to Thinkin About You.

    Jimmm-mee, Jimmm-mee, Jimmm-mee..............
    Jimmy Rules! Thanks for the current news on Jimmy! I sure miss all of the guys from Stillwater!

    Mary Liz
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    I would love to see Mr. Tater Britches with Trisha! How cool!

    What a talented man he is. Imagine learning all the songs in 2 hours! Wow!

    I miss my Stillwater men too, Mary Liz, and that wild and crazy guy they had singing lead for them.


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    I saw Trisha on the 22nd in Baton Rouge. She was awesome. Jimmy was with her, and ya'll are right, I would never have known it was him. Trisha played with the B.R. Symphony. She did a few songs that were really nice with the orchestra. It was actually quite an experience in several ways.

    We had floor seats for the concert, which was table seating. All Orchestra events are catered so we had food and drinks also. I could overhear some ladies at the table next to ours explaining to their husbands who Trisha was. Believe me it was quite a mix of company.

    But the really cool thing was that these die hard orchestra fans are quite calm and remained seated the whole time, SO...we were able to walk alongside the outside wall of the arena and get within 20 or so feet from the stage. Yes I brought my camera, Getting pictures today.

    Trisha sang one song from the 40's, and told the audience that she needed to wear her glasses to follow the words to the song. She said she had never done that before, but she had never been 37 years old before. She was very funny.

    We didn't know this, but there was a table decorating contest sponsored by a local magazine. We would have won if we had known. The girls that won were all dressed in black and had named all their food for Trisha's songs.

    I guess this post is quite long enough.

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