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Thread: "Pushing Up Daisies"

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    "Pushing Up Daisies"

    I LOVE what Garth has done with this song! It is so fantastic!

    Just to show you how amazing he is, I'm going to post the two songs of Kevin Welch's (Pushing Up Daisies and Life Down Here on Earth)that Garth combined along with adding his own lyrics to it, to make the song his.

    I also would like to note that Garth did not take any writing credit for it.

    Pushing Up Daisies
    Kevin Welch & John Hadley

    Sometimes I tell you the way that I'm feel
    I think that I'm going crazy
    Gotta tell myself man it ain't that big a deal
    It's better than pushing up daisies

    Slip and stumble and roll down the hill
    Trying to impress the ladies
    Once played the fool I guess I always will
    It's better than pushing up daisies

    I walk a high wire with no safety net
    God only knows what saves me
    All that I know is it ain't over yet
    Not till I'm pushing up daisies

    I've seen the arrows of death little quiver
    Come so close they actually grazed me
    I've seen the blood and I've felt the cold shiver
    Still I ain't pushing up daisies

    Standing here leaning on my windowsill
    Dreaming of a sky so blue
    Pushing up daisies out there on the hill
    It's the last thing that I'll ever do

    Sometimes my heart is as true as a child
    Sometimes my heart it betrays me
    Breaks right in two every once in a while
    But it's better than pushing up daisies

    Standing here leaning on my windowsill
    Dreaming of a sky so blue
    Pushing up daisies out there on the hill
    It's the last thing that I'll ever do

    Life Down Here On Earth
    Kevin Welch and Gary Scruggs

    I'm gonna come to your window
    Knock upon your pane
    Stand back in the moonlight
    and sing your name
    Turn your television off
    it's just show biz
    Come out here with me
    where the real show is
    It's a great big world
    Life down here on Earth

    Let me introduce you
    to my carnival of friends
    They come from all four corners
    on all four winds
    Thieves up in the castles
    Kings out in the rain
    Saints down in the trenches
    fighting for a change
    It's a great big world
    Life down here on Earth

    Baby take a mad dash with me
    gonna give it all it's worth
    Come down from your tower
    there's so much here to see
    Life down here
    Life down here on Earth

    We got headlights on the highway
    stars up in the sky
    Got a sparkle in my eyes
    don't you wanna know why?
    I killed a lotta time
    That was my greatest sin
    But I forgave myself
    and I'm alive again
    It's a great big world
    Life down here on Earth

    There's gonna be two dates on your tombstone
    All your friends will read 'em
    But all that's gonna matter is
    that little dash between them
    It's a big ol' world
    Life down here on Earth


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    It would be really cool to hear those originals so we could compare how Garth combined them like he did with "Get Together" and "If It Were Up to Me". Maybe someday we will see more of the value of how songs actually work together towards something greater than originally intended. Strength in numbers!

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    in a bown of alphabet soup, you ry and put the letters together
    i dont know if it's a fare assesment that garths "pushin up dayses" is a combanation of these two!

    the first one is obveousely used as a base! I can see a lot of lines used. The second one however has an influence, that's obveous! I can see some of the phrases, but no direct lines. but yea these two are a base, and that's nothing special!

    it's not big deal, not suprise that this hapend, a lot of songs are based, or at least get ideas fromme outhers. just like every story that has ever been written has been writen before. only minor detales such as times and dates change, but it's the same old story!
    Just some timeless ramblings frome an insain poet

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    moving away...near a rivers ebbing flow...from where I come and where I go...lighthouses in harbors shore...keeping safe the tossed and torn.
    Ann... thanks for posting the songs!

    I didn't know Garth combined those two songs to create 'Pushing Up Daisies' but I do like what he did with that song.
    I just listened to it tonight matter of fact...and there's just something so beautiful and touching about the way Garth sings the song it moves me!
    I guess this is one of his 'Heart music' songs he's mentioned in the past...
    I love it!

    "There's Faith,Hope and Love,and the greatest of these is love, that's cool" Garth Brooks on We Shall Be Free Video

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    Thanx a lot for your help. I knew it would be a good idea to post my question here

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    I never knew that Garth combined those 2 songs as well as his own creativity to make such a powerful song! thanks so much for sharing..

    maybe someday we can pick Garth's brain about where and how he gets his lyrics etc.. that'd be interesting..

    god and peace,

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    In an interview around the time that Scarecrow was released, Garth mentioned that he called Kevin Welch to say he had combined two of his songs since they were kind of about the same thing. Kevin thought he was crazy - until he heard Garth sing what he had put together. The last verse that Garth added just blew him away.

    Guess I should have read the other thread on this before replying as everyone seems to have the story covered.

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