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Thread: Chicken Soup... (a Garth story!)

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    Chicken Soup... (a Garth story!)

    A friend e-mailed this to me. I think it's from www.chickensoup.com. Hope it's not too long!

    By Roy Mingo
    One day about eight years ago in the department lounge of a flight from New York's LaGuardia airport to O'Hare in Chicago, I spotted a young boy in tears and obvious emotional distress. His mother at his side also appeared upset. Being a parent, I was naturally curious if I could be of assistance.

    As it turned out, the flight was full, and they couldn't sit together. The boy was terrified to be separated from his mother. Those were the days when the first-class cabins were not always full and Nancy, the special service representative working with me that afternoon, seated mother and son up in first class.

    In the short time we had to chat, we found out that Miles and his mom were returning to their home in Kansas City. They had spent the last two weeks at the Ronald McDonald House at Long Island Jewish Hospital. Miles is a surviving twin (his brother died at birth) and has had serious health problems with internal organs. In spite of his thirty-one major surgical procedures, his long-term prognosis was still in doubt. He would be back through LaGuardia many more times.

    During his numerous trips, the friendship and bond between Miles's family and the special services staff grew closer, and we'd stop in on Miles during his stays at Ronald McDonald.

    Miles particularly enjoyed his flights through LaGuardia as it allowed him to spend time in our VIP lounge, where we have an entire wall filled with autographed pictures of the many celebrities who frequented our office. We soon added Miles's picture to the wall of fame.

    Miles's hero, and the person he most admired, was country singer Garth Brooks. Miles would just sit and stare at Garth's picture.

    One day, Mr. Brooks was traveling from LaGuardia to Nashville and was relaxing in the lounge waiting for his flight to depart. As he looked at the collection of photographs for any new additions, Garth inquired about the youngster with the big smile. We told him about Miles and the fact that he was currently recuperating from yet another procedure at Ronald McDonald. We also told him how much Miles loved and admired him.

    Mr. Brooks left the lounge and headed off to the gate where the rest of his party was waiting.

    A few minutes later he was back with his guitar and penned a few words of encouragement inside the guitar case. He asked us to deliver the guitar and his cowboy hat to Miles at the hospital.

    That evening, Nancy and Sam took Garth's guitar and hat to Miles. It was like the gift of life.

    At first Miles couldn't believe that it was really a gift from his hero. As he comprehended that it was not a dream or a joke, he beamed a wide eternal smile. It was as if any discomfort he was having just disappeared.

    On subsequent trips through LaGuardia, Garth would inquire about Miles, and about six months later he asked us to help him contact the family. Garth was going to be performing in Kansas City and he wanted Miles to be his guest. Not only was Miles seated in the front row, but he and Garth also had a lengthy private meeting backstage after the performance.

    Although Miles would undergo many more treatments after that special evening, his broad smile greeted us with every subsequent visit, the face of an ailing boy transformed by the joy of a stranger with a guitar.

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    Awwwwwwww...... I L-O-V-E this story! I wonder how Miles is doing?

    No wonder we love Garth so much ~ his heart is as big as they come! What a guy! He rarely misses an opportunity to give love & show appreciation to others does he?

    God Bless Garth Brooks!

    Thanks for this story GarthFanIU ~ You have just made my day!.....no, my weekend!..no, my whole derned week!!!

    Mary Liz
    Life is too short NOT to be a Garth Brooks fan!

    I read this article that said the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, impulse buying, and driving too fast. Are they kidding? That is my idea of a perfect day!!!

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    God Bless Garth Brooks!

    This is what people should focus on! This man ALWAYS goes above and beyond what anyone else would do. He gives from the heart to everyone who crosses his path.

    This is why it kills me when I hear people bash him for trivial, pety, self rightous notions that they get in their heads. They don't have a clue what kind of a man he is.

    We know! Thank God for that!

    Thanks for posting this!


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    That was a great story. Garth is so thoughtful, kind and generous. I agree with you Ann, all the people bashing, accusing, and telling outright lies about him seem to forget stuff like this. Its too bad.
    Don't you know, Nobody drinks alone, Every demon, every ghost from your past and, every memory you've held back follows you home, Nobody drinks alone.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this us. I loved reading every word.
    Garth really does have such a big heart and cares so much for people. I agree, some people just want to bash him instead of acknowledging or bothering to find out about all the wonderful things he does and the special person he really is.

    I hope Miles is still doing well, but with Garth's inspiration I'm sure he wears that beaming smile a lot.

    We love you Garth!!!!!!!


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    What a great story! And not one bit surprising either. Garth always goes above and beyond to make a difference. I hope Miles is doing well.

    Dreams can come true with God's great angels like you.
    Completely Wrapped Up in Garth, and loving it!

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    moving away...near a rivers ebbing flow...from where I come and where I go...lighthouses in harbors shore...keeping safe the tossed and torn.
    Thanks for sharing that wonderful story!

    I've had such a wonderful Garthy day today and when I got back home from a brief trip...this was the perfect thing to read here at PG!

    I wonder how Miles is doing now... It would be wonderful if they update his story...and Garth, Wow, he always amazes me!
    What love he shares with soooooo many!

    Thanks again...
    "There's Faith,Hope and Love,and the greatest of these is love, that's cool" Garth Brooks on We Shall Be Free Video

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    WOW!!! What a story!!!

    But like others said before - Itīs not really a surprise!!! And I just can agree:

    Garth is a great, true hearted, lovely man! I love him for being Garth, too!

    And itīs sad, that people donīt see this, but need to bash and hurt him. But you know what?! There are much more out there, which know and love him truely. Those people are called "Garth-Believers". And Garth knows about them and loves them sooo much. And I love them, too!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    If I never try
    We shall be free
    Where your road leads I will follow!

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    That sure is a wonderful story!!

    There's another Garthy story in Chicken Soup for the Country Soul.. tis very good


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    *As I Wipe The Tears*
    All I can say, is that I'm gonna LOVE THAT MAN FOREVER!!!
    "No Day Holds As Much Future As Today"

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    Where your road leads....


    That man has a heart of old that never ceases to amaze me! Garth you are an inspiration to us all...


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    in a bown of alphabet soup, you ry and put the letters together
    that is a great story!

    it's a shame, though, that these types of storyies are so rare! I dont mean about garht, i mean about celebs in genral! like some of the pop stars taht refuse to work woth make a wish!!
    Just some timeless ramblings frome an insain poet

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    :.( crying. I really hope there is more than one man out there like Garth or I will never get married! LOL they all will pale in comparison.

    <3 ber

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