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Thread: Garth & Trisha on ET

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    You make a good point Nancy. And I was just thinking about this remark you made:

    >>> It was less than 8 months ago that we went through those horrible terrorist attacks ... <<<

    This could be the reason G&T have gotten together and stepped out as a couple. Life is too short not to be with the one you truly love. Trisha did post once last fall on TY.com, that she was taking time to spend with her family (after 9-11) and to re-evaluate her relationships and life (paraphrased).

    I say Blessings to them if it took 9-11 to realize their love for each other and move forward with a serious relationship. They deserve happiness just as much as the next person.

    Don't you know, Nobody drinks alone, Every demon, every ghost from your past and, every memory you've held back follows you home, Nobody drinks alone.

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    Hi Just thought I'd throw my 7 cents in. Im on vacation in Ireland atm & a friend of mine took me along to see the songwriters perform. Very Cool! During the performance one of them Pat Alger I think not too up on them started talking about the Garth & Trisha rumours & said that yes they are together as a couple & that Garth was in a very happy & loving place. Isn't that all that matters. Life's too short to not go for it & if Trisha makes him happy then good on them.

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    THANKS SO MUCH for the clip! I missed it now I feel better getting to see part of it I am sooo happy for them!
    Love ya, You rule!,

    "Where your road leads my heart will follow" WYRL

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