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Thread: Attention Garth Fans!!!!

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    Attention Garth Fans!!!!

    The new "Life Of Chris Gaines" CD will include a song that was written by Todd Snider. If you've noticed lately, alot of Todd's fans have been posting to this forum to make sure all ya's check out this guy!<BR>His music is inspirational and energetic to say the least.<P>I urge all of ya's to goto the nearest CD store, and buy whatever Todd Snider album you can find. And if he's in your town, go see the boy!<P>Garth obviously digs him... and his tunes... otherwise he wouldn't record one his tunes.<P>thanks for listening... and enjoy the jams!<P>-Shawn-N

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    hmm "ALOT of Tom fans?? or one Tom fan with many names??<BR>That is the question.<P>After all you all have the EXACT SAME EMAIL ADDY..<P>hmm what ya do.. pass out the addy/password for all to use?.. or ya someojne that is bored? real bored? LOLN

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    ya'll just don't get it, do you?<BR>The server has been having problems with keeping track of all the new fans that have come to this forum. That's why all the profiles are the same.. along with the e-mail address. I mean, damn.. I hadta go ahead and re-register becuz it was saying I had the wrong password... HELLO?!??!?<P>Listen, we're not here to put down Garth or his music, like I've said a million times before. We came here to inform you and celebrate the coming together of two great musicians. Garth recorded Todd Sniders "Alright Guy" for the new soundtrack.<P>So, in fact, we're not "bombarding" your forum just to annoy any of you. We honestly thought this information would help ya'll.. and in the meantime, also help Todd's career a bit by making you aware of one of the songs on the new CD.<P>Be gentle... This is my second registerd name.. my hands are tired from typing all day :)<P>I think I'm Alright!N

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    "Like I've said a million times before."--that is the point we're trying to make here (and also the profiles all being the same...I don't buy your excuse). Anyway, lay off the promotion a bit please, and we'll all be a little happier.<P>Cathy ;)N

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    It took me six times to register...and I posted successfully once...from then on I have to request my password and it is somebody elses..I sent a letter to your list adminsitrator, Brandon..have any of you had this problem...and what the heck is a junior member vs member..it seems to be the junior members that are having this problemN

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    Golly, Cathy, maybe we should all go back and listen to the lyrics of one of Garth's early hits, before he was worldwide and idolized, a regular Joe we all hoped would make it big someday. Now he's bigger than we ever hoped for, and it's time to remember our roots:<BR>"Well I guess I was wrong... I just don't belong...Everything's all right... I'll just say good night...And I'll show myself to the door.. Hey, I didn't mean to cause a big scene...Just give me an hour... Well...by then I'll be as high as that ivory tower that you're livin' in...'Cause I've got friends in low places... Where the whiskey and beer chases my blues away...I'm not big on social graces...Think I'll slip on down to the oasis...Oh honey.....I've got friends in low places..."<BR> This is still one of my all-time faves. As long as I can remember this one, I'll never get too big for my britches. I heard somewhere Garth didn't write this one, but I don't care, he sings it right and with heart.<BR> Welcome, Todd Snider fans, and let's see who else out there Garth might like to sing with next time!N

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    how come the only ones having problems are the nonGfans? hmmmmmmmm can anyone answer that for me?N
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    First of all this is not TYDYE this is Lynda<P>It is not just happening to Garth fans...I have received the password and user name for at least two no doubter Garth fans...tgbfnforever and 2teardrops, I have also received user names and passwords for two unidentified users, SETexas and Mango.<BR>Go to the Garth Forumn and look at the harrassing email thread. I pasted and copied what I have received from PG Administration. I think I will forward all those emails to Brandon. Now that it is effecting Garth'ers, he may look into it. One thing I have noticed is that it appears to be happening to junior members rather than members. I asked what that difference is but nobody replied. Also I have all of Garth Brooks CD's including The Limited Series, does that qualify me as a fan????<BR>Happy 4th,<BR>Lynda, aka RockonTodd, ToddSniderRocksN

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    Hi <b>Lynda</b>,<P>A Junior Member is someone who has not yet reached a certain number of posts. It's somewhere between 20 and 25 posts, but I can't remember the exact number. Once you reach that number, you become a Member.<P>PaulaN

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    Hi Paula! Happy fourth of July :)<BR>Thanks for the post and clearing that up for me. I hope it all gets straightened out soon. Look forward to getting to know you and others on the list.<BR>TIEZ,<BR>LyndaN

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