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Thread: Garth's 40th Birthday

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    Garth's 40th Birthday

    In the midst of the Christmas season today, while driving home from work, I was singing along with Garth and Trisha to "Honey, can you squeeze me in?" (I am a Garth Backup singer wannabe!!!) & I started wondering what we could do to honour Garth's big 4-0 in February.

    I realize we need to recover from the holiday season still, but thought that somewhere over the holidays, in between the busy-ness of our lives, perhaps we could come up with some ideas to honour Garth.

    I think it is absolutely AMAZING that Scarecrow is STILL in Billboard's #1 slot this week proving what all us fans already know, that Garth still "Has it". I for one, would love to show Garth how much we adore this album, love him and support his music, now and always.
    Any ideas, suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

    I think I need your help for this one, girl.

    Who can help me out?
    Canadian Garthfan

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    I Want To Help

    Hi my name is Cheryl, I'm from Puerto Rico and I have an idea that is under development. I've created this site that has a group which idea is bring together Garth Fans Worldwide together. So far I've managed in a month get 15 people to join and my idea is have enough members by the last week of January, then make a letter to Garth showing them how much we apprecited him and everyone there will be mentioned on the letter. Each member will add his short message and signature. I've done this before, last year in High School and people love it cause thou in some part is personal yet no one expects to receive thousands of mesagges on a letter. That's my proyect and I need help.

    If you are interested e-mail me: GarthBrooksStudio@netlimit.com

    If you want to check out the site:


    If you wanna see and join the group:


    Please lets make this "dream" come true

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and everyone
    Till next time, God Bless
    Cheryl Marie

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    I posted about this a few weeks ago and we all came up with maybe doing an article in Country Ever other week, I still have to call and get prices but that would very cool for us to do for his big 40


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    Originally posted by Jen19
    I posted about this a few weeks ago and we all came up with maybe doing an article in Country Ever other week

    Don't forget if you're in the Los Angeles area, there will be a Second Annual Cleaning of the Star!

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