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Thread: The Day The Music Lived

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    The Day The Music Lived

    Hey everyone,

    Here is my story from the SPI experience. Hope you all enjoy!!

    In peace, love and hope....


    We arrived to Port Isabel, the small town just over the bridge from SPI to the beautiful sight of a lighthouse. It was very warm and humid, stars in the sky and a full moon. The lighthouse, being the first thing we saw when we arrived, was fitting for obvious reasons, but was extra special because Jenn and I were together when she saw her first "live" lighthouse.

    We drove across the Causeway, the infamous bridge that connects Port Isabel to SPI, checked into our hotel and headed out. We checked out the bars in both hotels rumored to be housing our man and then one country bar filled with locals and some very bad Karaoke performances. We enjoyed our drink there, and appreciated the off key performances as a way to make us truly appreciate the music we would be blessed to hear the next night. When we left the country bar at closing time, we walked outside to be greeted by a very strong, very cold wind. The Storm had arrived.

    The next morning we woke up with big plans of having a sit down breakfast. (we were sure would be our only meal of the day) We left the hotel and headed toward the SPI Convention Center just to see what as going on. Well, cars were starting to line up and park, so there went our plans for a sit down breakfast, we hurried through the drive through at "Whataburger" for yet another burger and headed to ASSume our place in line. So, here we are on the TTT(Texas Tropical Trail) wrapped in blankets, sleeping bags and RUGS, yes you read that right...RUGS. Now we've changed that old cliche of "Home is where you hang your heart" to "Home is where you wear your RUG." Cold does not describe the conditions, the wind, the rain, and a long wait for the 9 p.m. show. To make a long story short, organization of this general admission concert was lacking, people rushing the beach, police sending us back, more rushing, no crowd control, people cutting lines that no longer existed. All of this combined contributed to our collective decision that the possibility of people getting hurt, or of us getting separated was not worth fighting for a front row position. It wasn't about being front row, or having a good picture taking position, it was about being together, being in the house and hearing the music live one more time.

    Weather conditions worsened as the show time grew closer. 15 minutes felt like 6 hours in that cold and wind and rain. Even huddled with thousands of people with no room around you to even extend your arm out didn't take away the deep chill in your bones. I remember at one point thinking to myself, with all the times I have been blessed by Garth, at 32 years old, did I really need to be in these miserable conditions? Did I really need to see him this bad? I wasn't happy, I was miserable. I spent my whole day waiting to see this concert, something I didn't think I would ever want to end, and now I am thinking I can't wait until it is over. And, not believing the thoughts that were running through my mind, I wondered if my "Garth Era" was coming to an abrupt halt? Was the weather, The Storm, a sign that my time had now come to an end on an island so far south it could be the end of the earth?

    Finally, about 12 minutes before the show would go live, Garth came out on stage. He thanked us for showing up in the weather conditions, told us how they were going to cancel the show but couldn't when he saw the people who had slept in cars and waited on line wrapped in blankets. He said if we would do that for him, he would come out and play as long as we wanted to stay.

    The show was nothing less than perfect, the songs he performed during the televised portion and beyond were perfect. As Jennifer said to me, it's like he was speaking to you, singing to you, he knows what is in your head, and the music is for you. Through out the show I kept closing my eyes and just listening, feeling the music. Then I would think, "hey silly, open your eyes, you are missing the show. But each time, I would simply closes my eyes again and feel the music.

    There were many smiles, there was Garth excitement, there was the warm feeling of sharing a special moment in time with the beautiful, special people who are some of the best friends I have ever had in my life. There was a sadness thinking, is this really the last live performance? The show ended, Garth and the band left the stage....then in true form, he came back with his guitar all by himself and finished the show with the words...."The Day The Music Died"....and in that moment I knew....nothing had died at all. Like Garth said just before he sang To Make You Feel My Love, his gift, his thank you is the music. And as I learned and felt during this performance, it's not about seeing the music, it's about feeling the music, and I realized, THE MUSIC IS ALIVE.
    In peace, love, and hope...KAT

    Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength!

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    Cool story - thank you for sharing those details with us


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    Very cool.


    "You're entering a world of pain, son" - Walter, The Big Lebowski

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    Excellent! Thanks Tipper and welcome to the Planet! Hope you will stick around and post lots


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    Thanks for the wonderful concert experience welcomr to PG, btw


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    Thanks for your eloquent words.

    I felt many of the same emotions you did... and many times asked myself what I was doing there standing in the freezing cold, rain and wind. Do I regret going??? Not on your life!

    I spent those 3 days with 4 very special Garth buddies that I would not have made the trip without! Garth has blessed me in so many ways. His music has touched my heart and soul; and I have made so many wonderful friends all through Garth!

    We may not get to see Garth tour again, but we still have the music! I know that all I have to do when I am down is put a CD in the CD player, crank it up... and in a matter of seconds... usually on the 1st note of the 1st song, I am smiling from ear to ear!

    The music... the man... as long as we have that...I am happy!


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    The Day The Music Lived

    Thanks for sharing the story. It was wonderful of you to share it.

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    Tipper! Yes! The music is not dead anymore than the lost chord was ever really lost! And as I like to say about Chris Gaines 'death', the Beatles are more 'dead' than Chris Gaines will ever be!

    I'm glad you got it Tipper, and that the music lives in you too! This reminds me of a new Mick Jagger song, "(jump for) Joy"! "Oh joy love you bring/oh joy make my heart sing/my soul is like a ruby/and I threw it in the earth/but now my hands are bleeding/from scrambling in the dirt/and I look up to the heavens/and a light is on my face/I never never never thought/I'd find a state of grace/hey joy/love you bring/oh joy/make my heart sing/oh joy/joy in everything/and I looked up to the mountain/and the light burst over me/joy joy joy oh joy/jump for joy/jump for joy/jump for joy

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