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Thread: 3rd Concert Clue

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    3rd Concert Clue

    Hey Everyone, sorry if this has already been posted

    I'll put the whole article up, but basically here's the main point::

    "He'll then perform one week later at an as-yet-undisclosed location--most likely somewhere in the "severe South," Brooks said. "

    I got the article from:: http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,9095,00.html

    allison., who is in Ohio...very, very far from the "Severe South"

    Garth Shifts Career Into "Coast"
    by Mark Armstrong
    Nov 8, 2001, 4:00 PM PT

    Garth Brooks knows what you're thinking. Hey, isn't he supposed to be retired...er, something?

    Yes, it was nearly two years ago that the country superstar first hinted at plans to hang up his Stetson for good. Then, last December, the 39-year-old singer formally announced that, yep, he's really retiring--giving up his hard-livin', hard-tourin' country kingdom so he can spend more time with his kids.

    Right after one more record. And maybe some promotional obligations.

    "In November of last year, we announced our retirement with one album left to make for [Capitol Records]," Brooks reminded reporters in a conference call Thursday. "In our announcement, we said we'd do what we could to promote the album."

    And what better way for his Garthness to promote his new post-retirement-announcement, pre-retirement album, Scarecrow, than with three live CBS concert specials for November sweeps?

    In what could be his last hurrah until...well, at least until December, Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast Live will send the singer across the country, from the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles on November 14, to Norfolk, Virginia, where he'll perform on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise on November 21. He'll then perform one week later at an as-yet-undisclosed location--most likely somewhere in the "severe South," Brooks said.

    "If we get our wish, the third one will be coast to coast to coast," he said. "We're trying to close in a place that has as much energy as any place in the world."

    The concerts, featuring a series of surprise special guests, will air each week at 10 p.m. ET/PT--replacing CBS' shelved rookie series Wolf Lake. Brooks says the shows were a perfect way for him to zigzag the country in support of his new disc, while staying true to his plans to put his daughters (Allie, Taylor and August) first.

    "That's a gift from CBS to me...because they know children are the priority for me," he said.

    After laying low for a year, Brooks (now a little older and, admittedly, a little chubbier) says fans can expect "just another Garth Brooks album" when Scarecrow hits stores November 13.

    The disc was initially due out earlier this year, and CBS actually had planned to schedule seven half-hour concert specials from seven different cities to support the album release. When it was postponed, Brooks assumed the deal was off, until CBS--needing a plum replacement for Wolf Lake--called him less than two weeks ago.

    Brooks says he's especially looking forward to performing for military personnel on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise.

    "My purpose is for the fighting men and women," he said. "[The Enterprise] will be coming back from Afghanistan and it will be loaded with people coming home and it will be loaded with people going back. It will be our chance to say thank you very much."

    Aside from the TV blowout, it's been an up-and-down couple of years for the country megastar. After selling more than 100 million albums over the past decade, Brooks faltered in 1999 when his movie-music project as pop alter ego Chris Gaines tanked. That same year, Brooks' mother passed away, and in 2000, he split up with his college sweetheart and wife of 14 years, Sandy.

    Brooks says those events were unwittingly reflected in the tracks on his new album (though maybe not on his latest single, the raucous George Jones duet "Beer Run"). Said Brooks: "I don't think I really knew until people started saying how personal it was. I said, 'Oh my God, I guess it is.' The personal side really came out and I didn't even know it."

    As for that so-called retirement, Brooks says he's been shifting his attention to the big-screen with his production company, Red Strokes Entertainment. He says he's sifting through scripts for possible projects to produce next year.

    For a guy like Brooks, we guess that is "retirement."

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    Am I the only one who thinks it may be out of the country? Possibly Brazil? I know Garth had a great time playing there. Just my guess.

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    I was originally thinking out of the country too....but with the title "Coast to Coast" it leads me to believe that all three would be in the US.


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