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Thread: Garth at the Forum

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    Garth at the Forum

    I am a new forum member from LA, and love Garth. I have seen him 2 times and even made a road trip to Fresno to catch a show. I am so excited I got tickets for me and my friends to see him at the Forum show. I was speaking with ticketmaster when they released tickets right at 10:00am and i got col27 row 13. I was wondering how the stage would be set up because its a live tv broadcast I wonder if he will have a middle stage type setup (ie texas speical).

    I know that it would probably be pretty tight lipped about suprises and stage setup and all but I will be there thats all that matters. I should have asked for better tickets but alas I will be in the biulding thats all that matters. Also, brokers are charging 225 for my tickets so I wonder how good/bad they are. What do you think of col 27 row 13? good bad or worst?

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    I had been working off the assumption that it would be set up in "concert setup." I don't know what it would mean for my seats if it was set up the other way... I'll have to check on that.

    Col is the highest level, Section 27 is on the left side of the stage (facing outward as Garth will), pretty much in the middle as far as front to back goes.

    Garth Always,
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    Hope you like it here, but hey, if you're a fan of Garth's there's no doubt about it. ConGARTHulations on getting tix to see Garth. You lucky Garthnutt. Make sure you report back here to us poor folk who will only see what they show on TV. Hope to see you post lots.

    Have a Garthriffic Day!

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    Good for you.

    Welcome to PG.

    "You're entering a world of pain, son" - Walter, The Big Lebowski

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    Very CL! I am so happy for you! Keep posting and
    Welcome to the PlanetGarth Family!!!

    Mary Liz
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