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Thread: Complete Track Listing for "Scarecrow"

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    Complete Track Listing for "Scarecrow"

    I work at a country Radio station, and we received our daily country news fax, and it gave a listing of the songs for "Scarecrow"-however, they are not in order(except where I have indicated)

    Garth Brooks "Scarecrow"
    Produced By Allen Reynolds

    1. "Why Ain't I Running" (1st Song)
    2. "Wrapped Up In You" - The long version, not the short 2 minute version that the radio stations are playing.
    3. "Beer Run" (3rd Song)
    4. "The Storm"
    5. "Thicker Than Blood"
    6. "Mister Midnight"
    7. "Pushing Up Daisies"
    8. "Don't Cross The River"
    9. "Honey, You Can Squeeze Me"(Duet w/Trisha Yearwood)
    10. "Big Money"
    11. "Rodeo Or Mexico"
    12. "When You Come Back To Me Again"

    From the press mumblings that I have heard, the album rocks;

    Can't Wait until November 13, only 13 days to go!!

    If anybody wants more info on some of the songs, just e-mail me at (junctionsponge77@hotmail.com),

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    Can you post the writers of each song please (if you have it)?


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    don't see this up anywhere, so I'll post it, but, Amazon.com has the track listing for Scarecrow (I assume it's in order, they usually are). Here is what it says, and yes, the numbers are included:

    Track Listing
    1. Why Ain't I Running
    2. Beer Run (duet with George Jones)
    3. Wrapped Up In You
    4. The Storm
    5. Thicker Than Blood
    6. Big Money
    7. Squeeze Me In (duet with Trisha Yearwood)
    8. Mr.Midnight
    9. Pushing Up Daises
    10. Rodeo Or Mexico
    11. Don't Cross The River
    12. When You Come Back To Me Again

    Kelly Ray

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