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Thread: Question about the Opry?

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    Question about the Opry?

    I know that Garth said that he would be playing at the Opry sometime this winter. I was wondering, does anyone know of a date when he will be performing, or will that be announced later? Thanks for any help.


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    We are still waiting to see if he will actually play the Opry in December or not...

    From what ProducerJ had told us, the Opry will hold all of their shows at the Ryman in the month of December because the Rockette's are playing at the Opry House.

    Garth has always said he will never set foot in the Ryman. But.. he has done some things to surprise us recently... one being the release date of his new album ( Nov 13)

    I guess for now, we will just have to sit back and wait to see what is announced as his upcoming appearances.

    Stay Tuned and check back here...I'm sure you find out as soon as something is announced.


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    I have read here and there, that Garth will not play at the Ryman. Maybe it sounds a little stupid, but I ask. Why?!

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    It's definitely not a stupid question! Simply put, he doesn't feel worthy.

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    I can't quote him verbatim, but in his ever-humble disposition, he has stated how he's "not worthy" to step inside the "Mother Church of Country Music."

    I'm hoping someone can convince him otherwise.

    If I did hear him correctly at the PC, he did say he was doing the Opry in Dec. So...he'll either bend his previously stated principles(*waving hands widly and pointing* Go for that one!)...or go against what he said at the PC.

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