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Thread: Brooks Learns About Movie Production

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    Brooks Learns About Movie Production

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Garth Brooks says he learned about producing while working with Whoopi Goldberg on the TV film "Call Me Claus."

    "I always want to be in charge of what happens to me," said Brooks, who has sold more than 100 million albums and scored such enduring hits as "The Dance" and "Friends in Low Places."

    "But in producing, you're dealing with a lot of people that have worked hard for their careers to become what they know they are and get the most out of it. And so you've got to trust them. And so that's what we did a lot," he told AP Radio.

    "I made a decision early that I would focus on the music, she would focus on the film, and I'm sure glad we did 'cause I would have gotten in the way and she did great."

    Goldberg also stars in the film.

    "Whoopi takes orders from no one," Brooks said with a laugh. "And there's good reason. ... She's smart. She's very smart. And when it comes to TV and mostly when it comes to Whoopi, nobody knows Whoopi more than her."

    "Call Me Claus" will air Dec. 2 on TNT.

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    Thanks PJ for sharing! I think Garth and Whoopi make a good team.

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    Very cool

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    Thanks PJ for the article, it seems to me that Garth's learned some stuff about producing stuff, which is


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    Enjoyed the article PJ!
    Thanks for posting it!

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