But before I do, I want to say thank you to Lowell, Moni, Kerry and Hawk (and anyone else my feeble brain forgot!)for their kind words in my "Moments" post...I am touched beyond words. Even my mother doesn't really understand Adam's connection with Garth so, it really hits a tender spot in my heart.

Now, this is what happened:
Adam and I went to his hospital today to decide wether or not we would be re-filling his pump (it's a device that delivers medicine to help keep his muscles relaxed). This is about a 3 hour drive and Adam has NOT been tolerating sitting in his wheelchair at all. Fortunately, I have a TV and VCR in the van, so I always bring along my trusty Garth videos Today, the damned VCR decided to quit working (thank God we are getting a new van in about 2 wks!)and I had to pull over to calm him down, turn the TV off etc. Always the prepared mom (haha-right)I had my double live tapes with me(yes, tapes-no cd player in my ancient animal). So I popped them in and started doing my inthecarlisteningtogarth dance. *No comments from the peanut gallery, you all do the same thing and don't try an' get out of it!!* Anyway, I come into Whitewater (a med size college town in WI) and with my Garth blaring and windows open, I pull up to a stop light. On the street next to me was some guy walking, he stops, looks at me and proceeds to stand there singing and dancing along!! Wonder what song???
The Dance

Just wanted to share......