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Thread: The Barn in Sanford Florida

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    The Barn in Sanford Florida

    Wasn't sure if ya'll be interested in this..but I heard on my radio station here in Melbourne, FL (102.7 the Hit Kicker) announced this weekend that they will be re-opening "The Barn" in Sanford, FL.

    This is the bar that Garth mentions in his song "The Old Stuff" you know the line 'We played the Barn down in Sanford FL"

    Just a little interesting fact. Thought ya'll like to know.


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    I live in Florida, and if I remember right, a cutomer who came through my line with a Barn t-shirt on said it was torn down. Or maybe it was that it was converted into something else?

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    in March, 2001 .. Mary Liz (our own CheyenneWindRoper AKA MommaMutt) gave back to Garth the original contract between the owners of The Barn, and Garth for his performance there in 1989.

    Garth was "WOW'd" by that


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