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Thread: Blooming Purple

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    Blooming Purple

    I've been thinking a lot lately, of a dear precious woman who graced my life with her trust and friendship. She's been on my mind and her family has been in my prayers more than usual. I haven't talked about it a lot but it's been very much a part of my life the past few weeks.

    Last year, I went and bought a purple crape myrtle bush. It was very important to me that we plant it as a way of remembering her passing the previous year on August 6th. I vowed to do so each year at this time. I had planned to make a trip to the local nursery tomorrow and buy another crape myrtle to plant in our yard. Tomorrow will be two years since this remarkable woman went to be with the angels.

    Due to the expected incoming weather due to the storm brewing in the Gulf I was concerned that heavy rain would delay my planting of the purple crape myrtle. It was on my mind last night as I tried to drift off to sleep. My husband asked me what was wrong and I told him. He got very quiet and I finally drifted off to sleep.

    This morning, when I awoke, I opened the front door to let Lucky, our cat, out for her morning stroll. My husband was just pulling into the driveway. I walked out onto the porch and when he got out of the truck, he had the sweetest, almost shy smile on his face. He lowered the truck tailgate and took out two crape myrtle's, purple in color. Then out came a dozen assorted other potted plants...all with purple blooms.

    The tears flowed freely down my face as I realized what he had done. I knew now why he'd gotten out of bed so early and crept quietly out the back door.

    This evening we went outside at sunset and we put those two purple crape myrtle's in the ground out by the driveway. Then, we sat the other purple plants out beside the porch, in a hanging basket and in my angel planter. "Now," he says, "you don't have to worry about planting in Colleen's memory tomorrow in case the rain is too heavy."

    Today, I was reminded just how strong the power of love can be. I was reminded how deeply the love I feel for my husband is and how deep his love for me goes. At times when its so easy to feel he isn't listening to me or that he just doesn't make time for us, I know...he does listen and he cares so very much.

    The gift of love is such a beautiful thing. What my husband did for me today meant more than diamonds or gold. What he did today was reach inside my heart and help fill a little of this empty space that the passing of this dear woman left behind.

    Planting those purple crape myrtle's each year may seem silly or trivial to some, but for me, its very healing. It also shows me that life and love...does go on. Looking outside into my yard and seeing a blooming burst of purple, I can't help but smile.

    Two years ago, Garth and his siblings lost their precious Mom, Raymond lost his beautiful wife...the love of his life and others lost a Grandmother, an aunt, a mother in law. Many many more lost a friend. Her love and her memory goes on within those she loved and cared so deeply for. Her family is very much in my thoughts and my prayers as this moment in time comes for them. They were so very lucky to have been able to share their lives with a lady such as Colleen.

    Tomorrow, whether I wake to rain or sunshine, I'll be able to open my front door, walk outside onto my porch and breath the sweet Southern air. There before me, I'll see a blooming sea of purple. I'll remember. I'll smile. I'll wipe a tear. I'll close my eyes and raise my head to the heavens. And, I'll say thank you God for the sweet memories and please tell that purple winged angel...I love her and miss her.

    Teresa Morris
    August 5, 2001
    Here's to love on Earth, love that is left behind, the love that you take with you, the love that never leaves. Love really is forever and goes on without end. Peace to all and may we all believe and trust in that power of love. BELIEVE.

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    Beautiful Oregon..

    That was wonderful. Thank you very much for giving that to all of us.


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    what you said was very beautiful I think that Colleen would be proud


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    Teresa that is so beautiful what you have said! Garth will be touch about what you said about his mother! I never got to meet my husband's dad-he died in June 1992 from cancer! I think he will be so proud of Gary and how well he doing with his dialysis and everything! Colleen thank you for sharing your wonderful son with us, and to Gary's dad Dean thank you for giving me a kind, loving caring man to be my husband! Who knows maybe Colleen and Dean have met and comparing notes on their wonderful sons!

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    Beautiful words....a gift

    And we are lucky that we have T., for she knows how to put into words the music in our hearts..

    "Anywhere, where only fools will dare"
    "I'll leave my light on, if you leave yours on for me"

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    That's really beautiful, T. She's been on my mind as well as today was getting closer. She will always be missed.

    Dreams can come true with God's great angels like you.
    Completely Wrapped Up in Garth, and loving it!

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    Beautifully said! I will be thinking of her today. Garth told me back in March that Mama would have loved my nails...so today, when I get my nails done I will get something purple to show her how much we love and miss her.

    Love and Prayers to all of the Family!!!!


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    You have such a beautiful way with words. You are a speial person and I'm sure Mama Brooks is smiling down on you. I've never met her but she must have been a very special person to have touched people as she has.

    Her family is in my prayers.


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    Beautiful post, Teresa.

    Work took me away from lighting candles and spending as much time as I'd like today thinking about Colleen - she was a remarkable woman. Like many others, I never met her but I miss her.

    Angela x
    Gyrrwch yn ofalus

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    From one Teresa to another,

    That story brought tears to my eyes...


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    Unfortunately, a good friend lost his father today. I can only hope Mama Brooks was close by to welcome him into heaven.

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