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Thread: The Old Stuff?

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    The Old Stuff?

    I am looking forward to the live album, and I am sure their were some tough choices in choosing the songs. One song I would have liked to have heard was Garth's opening song on this tour, The Old Stuff. To get all the opening sounds and the remarks of Garth as he begins his show would have really been special.N

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    I totally agree.N

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    me too!!!!!!N

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    I'm with you guys-nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like the opening lines to "The Old Stuff" once you've heard it in concert!!!N

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    I'm with you guys! I have several Garth CDs loaded in my car and I change 'em all the time, so when one CD ends, I'm always wondering which one is up next. When "The Old Stuff" starts, I get this huge Garth Grin on my face, and I am immediately transported back to that stadium. I can see the piano, and the look on Garth's face when he comes out. I'm more than a little disappointed that it won't be on the live album. <p>I'm also kind of disappointed in what he said in the interview published in the Minneapolis newspaper, that some of the live songs will be compilations of several cities, like the crowd noise from one city and the music from another city, so they won't be listing where each song was recorded. I'm sure we all had hopes that the concert WE attended would be represented on the Double Live. Bummer!N

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    That's what I'm talking about, when you have seen Garth in concert and then hear The Old Stuff it makes you think of that opening of Garth's show. The best opening of any concert I have seen I might add.N

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    Guys, I totally on your side.. I don't know why Garth didn't put that song in.. maybe it is because the opeing is too noisy..so that when they record the song, they couldn't hear anything but the screams and yells from us...well, to Garth, his concert is worth screaming!N

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    I posted this thought before, but seeing how it has been said by Garth himself that no song on the live album would be marked where it came from (because it's a number of different cities on the tour) I think the reason you don't see "The Old Stuff" on there. I mean, if I heard then I prayed that "West Virginia, Pennsalvania, or Kentucky! GO WILD TONIGHT!!!" I would be thrilled and think the whole song was from one of my shows. Too hard to do that song with over 100 cities envolved.N

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    Good point, GBInfluence. What about "Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)"? During that song, he always says "I gotta play in Ft. Worth tonight," or "I gotta play in Central Park tonight". I wonder who'll be represented...?N

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    In order to hear The Old Stuff on the live album I really wouldn't care what city he chose. I mean he says Detroit on Fresh Horses. They could dub in America also.N

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    here's an idea for everyone. Why don't we all call, write, fax, e-mail, do what ever we can to get Capitol & Garth to put "The Old Stuff" on the CD.<p>Just an idea !!!!<p>GB fan in San DiegoN

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    I would think that the CD has already gone into production by now, making it too late for an "Old Stuff" campaign. Anybody know for sure? I, too, would have liked to seen it on the list. Come to think of it, I would of liked them all there....I'm sure it was a tough call deciding on what songs to include and which ones not too.N

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    The very first thing I thought of when I saw the track listing was where is the "Old Stuff?" I was pretty disappointed. It is probably my favorite live song other than "Unanswered Prayers." The only other way to hear that song live is to watch Ireland and Back. I guess I'll get my tape out now.N

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