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Thread: garth's list of songs for his live album

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    garth's list of songs for his live album

    I do think that garth made a mistake by ommiting to put "do what you gotta do"<br>on his new double live album do you?<br>N

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    That's a great song and possbily my favorite off of SEVENS. I wasn't looking for it to be on the live album to begin with, but I would have loved seeing it there. Actually, I'm not even sure he's ever done it live in concert or not. Anyone know?<p>WesN

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    He did Do What You Gotta Do live in Chicago in December.<p>N

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    He did it at an awards show earlier this year (Billboard, I think) and he also performed it live in the special "Ireland & Back." However, if I could have included ten or fifteen more songs on the live album, that one wouldn't be one of them.N

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    I was really surprised he didn't include "The Old Stuff", seeing how he opened with it at every show of the tour. When I think of the tour, I usually think of that song.<p>ChadN

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    Yeah, I certainly agree that the opening song "the old stuff" is definitely a spcial part of Garth's concert. I was actually fooled by Garth's appearance on the piano.<br>I didn't know that Garth would come out from the piano and that was a spectacular opening...<br>Now I know Garth does that in his every concert.<br>N

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