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    OK I'm in Casper, WY. On the radio for the last week or so, possibly longer, they have been playing a LIVE version of "In Another's Eyes". It is a pretty cool version in which when Trisha starts singing and comes out on stage the crowd goes nuts apparently throwing Trisha and the band because she stops singing and the band stops playing. Garth then says "Ms. Yearwood if you'll start the band will find you" and then Trisha comes back in and the band starts up and then they sing it differently than usual.<p>My question is has anyone else heard this version? And can I possibly buy it somewhere somehow?? The radio station is Rushmore Broadcasting's KQLT--KOLT Country 103.7.<p>Any info would be appreciated... Thanks.<br>N

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    I too have heard this version. I live in New York. I think it was recorded in California. I have heard possible rumors that it may be on the live album which due out in November. Hope this helps answer the question. N

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    The live version of "In Anothers Eyes" you were referring to was from the first show in San Jose, CA. Basically she came on and the place went nuts and she lost it and they had to stop.N

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    Is there anyword as to whether this is a general release or a bootleg? I would love for them to start playing it in Erie!N

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