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Thread: I heard on the radio...

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    I heard on the radio...

    <br>I was listening to the radio here in Syracuse 2 Sundays ago when they had a special about Trisha's new album. The dj said when asked about the duet album from Trisha and Garth that Garth himself said this was an ongoing project that may never be done. Does anyone know what they meant? Also has anyone heard the song "Where your road leads" by Trisha and Garth?N

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    I remember Garth saying that the problem with doing a duet album was that him and Trisha were on different recording labels, and that made it almost impossible to accomplish. I don't know why it is easier for some artists to record together than others, but I believe that's what's holding them up.<br>But then Trisha said "don't tell Garth something is impossible....he'll have it done in a week!" So they obviously are doing their best to work through the red tape.<p>Tell me more about the song you mentioned. Have you ever heard it?N

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    The song "Where your road leads" is off Trisha's new album. Beautiful song that was written by none other than Victoria Shaw. The dj here says it is a duet but you hear more of Trisha than Garth. It reminds me of "Like we never had a broken heart" that way. It is a CD that is well worth buying and it has great & fun tracks on it. It should be nice to hear some of them in Buffalo in September. N

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    I am also attending the garth concert in Buffalo. Do you know for sure whether or not garth and trishia will do a duet. I am assuming they will but am not sure.N

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    Well I would have to say yes that they would be but I am not sure. I have heard that they performed a new duet called "Wild as the Wind" in Las Vegas. (Would love to hear that one.) Don't forget to check out Trisha's new album... the title cut is supposed to be a duet but you can hardly hear Garth. The song is called "Where your road leads". It is written by Victoria Shaw. BTW where are your seats in Buffalo and what night are you going?N

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    Hey thanks for the info on the song!!! <br>I luv Trisha and the combination of her voice w/Garth (doesn't matter how loud Garth's part is)---so that makes her album a perfect buy.<p>I'm almost sure Trisha will be with Garth in Buffalo. She has been the opening act since before Feb. of this year.<p>Sure wish I could see a concert again ......just gotta keep believin'!!N

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