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Thread: Keep an eye...hmm...Keep an ear out. :-)

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    Hey everybody,

    Recently read the latest Steve Wariner newsletter, even though it took a while for my parents to send it to me in TN after They got it in MD. lol

    You're looking for the point, I can see it.
    In the "Did You Know" section of the newsletter, one item of mention is stated as thus:

    "Every weekend in October 2001 the United Stations Radio Network will be airing four 2-hour specials on Garth Brooks."

    Whether or not Steve participates in the programs or if he's just advertising for his bud, it doesn't say. And any other information about this will have to come from another source. But I thought I'd tell as many people as I could in the shortest time!

    He also included a letter from his own hand to inform us of his own news, which includes doing a lot of writing. "...{I} even got a chance to write with my friend, Garth!", proclaims Steve.

    (I know this is a Garth-related forum, but I also wanted to add Steve's discussion of his recent release from Capitol, for my own eased conscience if no one elses. I hope no one minds if I add it here.

    Steve says, "Maybe you've heard or maybe not, but I recently asked for and recieved my release from Capitol Records. It's a complex issue that I won't get deep into here, but I'm very happy that I'll be spending more time concertrating on the songwriting for and doing what I'm sure is the right thing for me at the moment. It was an amicable parting and I do thank my friends at Capitol for all the great things we achieved. I'll keep you posted on what lies ahead; believe me, there's plenty going on."

    Very glad he's happy with his decision, it's all that matters. Gee, sounds familiar...)

    Take Care,
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    Thank you for posting that! I enjoyed it very much.

    Garth Always,
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    Thank you for the information.

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