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Thread: Will ANY tickets be available for College Station?

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    Will ANY tickets be available for College Station?

    From the most recent post in "College Station Confirmed" it looks like the sold out crowd for Faith's concert will be the same sold out crowd for Garth, if those going to see Faith have any sense. Are there any guarantees that the rest of us will have a chance?<br>N

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    Sorry, I meant to refer to the most recent post under "Last show letdown".N

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    Garth sells out as many shows as there is a demand, whereas Faith will only do one show. Even if <i>every person</i> at Faith's concert bought a Garth ticket, there would still be other shows for which to buy tickets.<br> :)N

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    Maybe that's where I'm confused....from what I understand he will only be doing ONE show on Nov. 21st. <br>I know he has plans to be in CS on the 19th, 20th and 21st, but isn't Faith's show on the 20th? Will there be more than one GARTH show?N

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    I'm desperate for information about College Station. Already had plans to be in Texas for Thanksgiving arriving on the 21st. My friend (in Ft. Worth) and I (in Maryland) are both going to try for tickets. Her boyfriend went to A & M and is trying to get us more info. Are we going to have a shot a tickets? If the 21st is the only date, I highly doubt it. I don't want to get my hopes up or kill myself driving(very fast) to Texas if there's no chance...The whole "Faith" thing is confusing to me. Ticketmaster doesn't even have Faith on their schedule. But they do have Garth listed on 11/21...HELP!!N

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    Our auditorium only holds 3,000. This is where Faith is performing. On the other hand, the arena holds about 12,000 (I think). Even if every person that is going to Faith purchased a ticket (1 Faith Hill ticket = 1 Garth ticket), there is still 9,000 available on the 21st. He only announced the 21st, but he has the 19, 20, 21 booked. I would think that he will perform on the 20th because everybody that has a Faith hill ticket will most likely goto the 21st showing of Garth. So he would not be taking business away from Faith. I believe these are the only three days possible for concerts because of scheduled basketball games in the Arena.<p>Hope that helps.N

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    WHEW!! <br>Thanks Peter, I was under the impression that Faith was playing at the arena too. Maybe we DO have a chance! Hope to see as many PG-Nutts there as possible!N

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    Okay, I get the whole Faith Hill thing, now, but I'm still not happy about how that effects us Garth fans. I'm sure that I am not the only one who still hasn't been to one of his concerts yet, and while I'm not a communist or anything like that, give us a chance! My husband bought me a plane ticket on Monday night, and I'm going to College Station, with or without a ticket, but with would be so much nicer! Those Faith Hill ticket holders, can they get their Garth tickets anywhere other than the arena box office, i.e. online or over the phone, and is Faith really sold out, I thought that I saw otherwise somewhere? Peter, someone, what's the story?N

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    Anyone interested in getting tickets that can't get to CS in time to get a wristband, please let me know. I'm with a group of about 4 that should be able to get tickets, all 4 of us have wristbands spaced throughout the line. Willing to help out, just let me know.N

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    Anyone interested in getting tickets that can't get to CS in time to get a wristband, please let me know. I'm with a group of about 4 that should be able to get tickets, all 4 of us have wristbands spaced throughout the line. Willing to help out, just let me know.N

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    Hope to keep this as short as possible, but hang with me! To GB TXFAN, I would really appreciate your help in getting a ticket! I live in California, and like I said before, I have never been to one of his concerts before, and my husband did the sweetest, most awesome thing that he has ever done for me when he bought that plane ticket, knowing that I might not even be able to get a ticket to the concert! So, I am desperate to make sure that I get into that concert! How do we make contact?<p>The other thing is: I called someone at the Reed Arena box office to ask about the Faith Hill thing, and this is what she told me. They have set aside a section of the Garth seats for the Faith Hill ticket holders, and the only way for them to get the Garth ticket is to show up at the box office this week (between Monday and Friday) and have their Faith Hill ticket stamped or punched or something like that. I'm not sure, didn't think to ask, but I think that they can probably only get one for one, and this is how they are controlling that. So, even if you were thinking of buying a Faith Hill ticket now, it may or may not work, depending on whether you can have that ticket in hand by Friday, and are capable of getting to College Station by then as well. I did see Faith Hill tickets for sale at Ticketmaster Online, today, but didn't go far enough into the process to be sure that they are still available, but would assume that if the page is still there, they probably still are. Hope that helps someone! I have been so impressed by all of the willingness to share information, and have benefited a great deal from it in the last few days, not to mention the last few weeks, and just wanted to contribute what little that I can!N

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    Let me tell you what all I heard on the radio this morning regarding the Garth concert at College Station. There is going to be a "special guest" preempting his show, one night only. Who could this be? No one seems to know, but I certainly have my thoughts on this. Miss Faith, of course! Don't know how they would work it, but seems to me as though this would be a great idea! Honey and I got our wristbands yesterday (have to wear it until Saturday morning - UGH!), so keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to get tickets. Also, we all know that Garth has Reed Arena reserved for the 19th-21st. The radio station said that if the concert on the 21st sells out within a specified time frame (they say that they don't know what that time frame is) that another concert will be scheduled for the 20th. Smae thing on that concert date that if they sell out within a specified time frame, then they will sell tickets for a show on the 19th. Now, I went to the concert at Texas Stadium a few years ago. There are 60,000+ seats in that thing and those tickets were gone in less than 45 minutes. Tell me how long it will be before Reed Arena is sold out...like 15 minutes? I HOPE NOT!!!N

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    When you say "preempting" do you mean "replacing", kind of like a TV show gets preempted when there's a big news falsh or something like that, or do you mean that this special guest is going to open the show before Garth? Sorry, just want to make sure that I understand correctly. Also, that idea about selling out in 15 minutes is not so incredible, I read somewhere that his concerts typically sell out in about half an hour, then he adds another date. Everybody is talking about the 19th, 20th, and 21st, but what about the 22nd? I saw at ticketmaster online, it looks like Reed Arena has nothing scheduled, game wise, from the 19th through the 22nd. Anybody with info to clarify that one?N

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    I meant that there was going to be a special guest opening the show for him. Sorry for the confusion.N

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    Thanks for the clarification, that's what I thought you meant, but just wanted to be sure!N

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    Reed Arena, since it is owned by the University, has events in there that are not sold through Ticketmaster. The 22nd could be taken already for basketball practice or one of the colleges may be using it. I went over to the MSC box office and asked about Faith Hill tickets (I already have two) and they said that there were no seats available. I also went through the Ticketmaster Online thing and no seats anywhere could be found. Tickets can reserved for Garth this week until Friday at 5 pm at the Arena box office or the MSC box office. They punch the ticket(s) and take your money. It is one GB ticket for each Faith Hill ticket. And I just looked at the numbers and the stadium holds 11,500 not 12,000.<p>Good luck everybody.N

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    Peter, thanks for the info on the arena. I'm sorry to be difficult, but I have to disagree with you about the Faith Hill availability. I just came back from the Ticketmaster Online site, and while I didn't actually buy a ticket, I got as far as having a confirmed seat with 5 minutes to make a decision. There are at least two ways to find that page, one being go to the list of states and select TX, you'll get the page with all of the Garth info, page all the way down to the bottom of the page. You'll see a list of concerts and other events, and Faith Hill is one of the names listed, so just click on her name and you'll be where you start to buy the tickets. Give it a try and see what happens!N

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    Just tried again, nothing available, so I guess that one that I saw is already gone! Maybe there's a ticket that becomes available every once in a while, hit and miss?N

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    I went to the website and got this message after searching for 1 ticket anywhere in the auditorium:<p>TICKETMASTER COULD NOT FIND ENOUGH AVAILABLE SEATS IN REQUESTED AREA.<br>TRY A SMALLER TICKET QUANTITY, OR A DIFFERENT AREA.<br>THERE MAY NOT BE ANY TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME, SO PLEASE CHECK AGAIN LATER AS ADDITIONAL TICKET INVENTORY MAY BECOME AVAILABLE.<p>This is the same message I got earlier. I know with Clay Walker, tickets were released every now and then. I believe the university also holds 20 tickets for dignitaries until notified that they will not be attending, this could be why.N

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    I got the same message the second time I tried, so I'm sure that you're right, they are just releasing a few here and there for one reason or another. So did you say that you already have both your Faith and your Garth tickets? If so, you are one lucky dog! Care to help a desperate gal from California get one? By the way, that's not some kind of come-on, I'm married with six kids!N

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    Ten minutes ago I got tickets for the show in College Station on the 21st. I used the 800 number (800-726-1313). I had to redial like crazy to get in & wait on hold...but I got them!!! I saw Garth in San Antonio in April and am VERY thankful to be seeing him again!!! I'm still so excited I'm shaking!!!N

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    Hey, I got tickets for the 19th! Is there anyone who got tickets for the 21st that would be willing to trade with me? I'm flying from California on the 20th, and it's gonna cost me an extra $197 to change it to the 18th! Help! I need just one ticket, and the one that I would be trading is in Section 121 or 122, would like a comparable seat, if possible.N

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    Well, since I haven't heard back from anyone, I went ahead and paid the extra money and had my arrival date changed to the 18th. So, I'm gonna go ahead and use one of my tickets for the 19th, but in trying to make the most of what is becoming a very expensive trip, I'd still like to trade my other ticket on the 19th for one on the 20th or the 21st. If anyone is willing to do that, I would very much appreciate it!N

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    I'm looking for a pair of tickets for the concert on the 21st. If anybody can help me find a pair, it would be greatly appreciated.N

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    Whoo Whoo...I got mine for the 21st!!!!! I was number 29 in line and still wound up in Section 114 for the night of the 21st. I am still so excited!N

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