View Full Version : Vegas Concert experience

08-17-1998, 11:06 PM
I went to all four shows in Vegas, and let me tell you, they were all AWESOME!!! Everyday they were filming for a special and recording for the live album!!! Thursday and Saturday nite rocked especially! On Thursday, I had a seat on the floor, 7th row, only to find out that ticket master had sold my ticket twice(some little kid was in my seat) so the floor manager hooked me up w/ a seat soooo close to the stage, I didn't even need binoculers. On Thurs, he pointed at me twice, On friday, three times, and on Saturday he pointed twice at me, and then gave me the I love you sign twice!!!! Sunday, he pointed at me twice, and looked at me and smiled while I was singing along!!! I swear I can die happy now!!! I swear by the last three shows, he recognized me. I love GARTH so much!! It's only one day after the concert and I'm already planning to go to another one, I'm addicted!!! N

08-18-1998, 07:06 AM
WOOHOOO Chrissy.....you are a certified NUTT now....I'm so happy for you....welcome to our world...and yes, he knows you now...don't that feel good? Enjoy the Garthglo, girl....N