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12-19-2000, 01:22 AM
Hey y'all. This was originally going to be a song about a gal who lost her guy and so takes comfort in the fact that she still has her memories. blah, blah, blah,...zzzzzzzz, I know.
<br>SO, as I kept playing around with it, I kept thinking of how I'm gonna have to rely on my memories of Garth for a long while as he turns his focus away from the Nashville industry. That's how this came out. No song, though. Just a poem. (And just for context, it is written about a Writer's Night at the Bluebird where the writers were associated closely with Garth and so, brought the possibility that he would show up unexpectedly...The writers even said, "Wish Garth could be singing along" at one point. aww ;)) Enjoy!
<br>Writers’ Night
<br>© 2000 Stephanie Shade
<br>Another evening saved from solitude
<br>As Trishy’s voice comes on the line
<br>Says, "Our seats are saved at the Bluebird
<br>Come on up and we’ll have a good time"
<br>As I thank her for thinking to call
<br>My mind starts a silent prayer
<br>If Lady Luck is anywhere near us tonight
<br>…Maybe he’ll be there
<br>I’d say, "I was hoping I’d find you here
<br>so I could see your face again
<br>Even though I’ll spend our time together
<br>wishing it never ends"
<br>But as the writers sang each masterpiece
<br>‘Round the circle in that warm cafe
<br>I guess fate was taking a break
<br>from asking you to come our way
<br>That night, your presence never graced us
<br>Perhaps the stars fell a bit out of line
<br>But, as the intelligent dreamer knows
<br>There can always be a next time
<br>So I take out my favorite photograph
<br>and trace a line around your face
<br>Relaxing in the memories
<br>of when I savored your embrace
<br>I say, "I was hoping I’d find you here
<br>shining brightly in my mind
<br>your memory will comfort me
<br>if I can’t see you tonight"
<br>Then I remember that as much
<br>as I love to share your time
<br>There are three girls who deserve it more
<br>than any desire of mine
<br>And while a certain father’s love
<br>brings a smile to his face
<br>I’ll be dancing with my memories
<br>For they can never be erased
<br>"Thanks for your time",
<br>Nash<P>(This message has been edited by MDgarthgirl)N

12-19-2000, 12:38 PM
WOOOOHOOOO this is great:):):):)
<br>Very very cool song Nash:):)

12-23-2000, 09:02 AM
One word...I think it's a word.....SAH-WEET! I'm guessing this is the one you showed me "part" of...I love the way it turned out! Once again, you've taken everyday thoughts and emotions and turned them into something that everyone can relate to! One more word...SKILLS. Hope you're havin' a great holiday Steph! Talk to you soon!

major tom
12-25-2000, 09:02 PM
Great song. :) I love these lines:
<br>"I’ll be dancing with my memories
<br>For they can never be erased"

12-26-2000, 03:34 PM
Thanks Brian, Rachel, and Kirsty. :)
<br>I realize this is a Musician's Forum, hence the place for music...but I don't think I'll be composing anything for this one. (Not that I could if I tried, lol)
<br>After I presented him with a different poem that I hoped would one day be a song (and I still do), Garth told me that it's always a gamble putting music to something. I've also heard him talk about how "music sometimes takes away the space words need to be heard." I think he's right with this case.

12-26-2000, 06:31 PM
See! The lyrics do make the song! Thanks for sharing some good ones Nash!N