View Full Version : Upcoming concert in Fargo, ND

07-21-1998, 11:01 AM
Does anyone happen to know when Garth will be in Fargo, North Dakota? I would really appreciate it if you would let me know, because I am dying to see him again. I saw him in Bismarck, ND last Nov. (3rd row, center!) and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Thank you! --RoxN

07-21-1998, 06:25 PM
<p>I don't know the exact date that Garth will be in Fargo, but I do know that it will not be long. I am visiting friends in Fargo not long from now, so I called The Believer Magazine and they told me they did not have a exact date but it shouldn't be very long. So just keep listening to the radio stations up there and let us all know when you hear something.N

07-22-1998, 09:11 AM
You should hear something about Fargo very soon. It will be sometime in September or early October.N