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07-12-1998, 07:01 AM
Just a friendly reminder to all those lucky concert goers to bring food items for the "Feed the Children" collection bins outside the concert halls. It's so disheartening to see those empty bins when there are literally thousands of people walking past them.
<p>Just once I'd like to see all the collection bins running over with donations from Garth fans. To make this happen, we have to make it a part of getting ready for the concert. Like buying that new shirt, the film for the camera--just add food items to the list. We can do it--together we can make a difference.
<p>Thanks for your help.

07-12-1998, 09:23 AM
Thanx for the info, Karen. I am going to the July 16 show in Seattle and I had NO IDEA that there even was a collection for hungry children. Also, I'll bet a lot of fans don't know about it either, so I'll ask all the PGers who read this to please tell your friends who are going too about this. And to the Seattle concert-goers, hey- he's doing 6 shows for over 83,000 people; let's REALLY show everyone our how charitable the people of the Pacific Northwest are. Perhaps we will even shock Garth and get a mention at the last show or something! I'm sure he would know about it and say something.
<p>-Gene <~~~4 days 'till I see Garth!N

07-13-1998, 07:03 AM
Thanks, Gene. Please pass the word along to everyone you know. In addition to taking food items, everyone should call your local country radio stations and ask them to make an announcement for all concert goers to take items. From my past experience, none of our stations made any such announcement, even after I made requests that they do. I can't imagine why they would be reluctant to do this, but if they get calls from lots of listeners, maybe they would.
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