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07-09-1998, 11:21 AM
I read on the Thomas & Mack site today that they are confirming Garth's concert, and they will have a press release on July 13 (Monday) to release ticket info. Just thought I would pass that along to anybody who is hoping to go (LIKE ME!!!!!!) :) Details are at www.thomasandmack.comN

07-13-1998, 01:21 PM
According to the Thomas & Mack site, tickets are going on sale Saturday. I hope everyone who's tryin to get 'em has some good Garthluck!N

07-14-1998, 09:48 AM
How do you get tickets if you live out of town if you can't stand in line for a wristband? And if the radio stations are the ones releasing the info on when the wristbands are to be given out, how are you supposed to hear this if you live out of the area? It's got me feeling down thinking that I might not be able to get Vegas tickets.N

07-14-1998, 12:41 PM
They are handing out wristbands on wed. july 15. You can also call thomas and mack to buy tickets or also ticketmaster.

07-16-1998, 06:10 AM
:) I just found out via country.com that Garth is scheduled to do August 14 and 15th at Thomas & Mack. :)
<p>That's great news for all the garthnutts wantin to catch Garth in Vegas. :) Just want to say good luck to yall Saturday.......hope the ticket god is smiling down on yall :)
<br>take care. Cristina N