View Full Version : Las Vegas concerts, who's going????

05-19-1998, 10:27 AM
Who is planning on going to his Las Vegas concert/s{hopefully}?The more there are the better the chance will be to get tickets! I heard a rumor that he would be there in August. My family plans on going when he is there with a lot of luck. Any ideas about where he would play there?

05-19-1998, 12:03 PM
<p>Oh I would do anything to go to Vegas, when I heard about that a couple of weeks ago, I was so thrilled... it's probably gonna be my last chance for quite a while... I'm gonna do my best to get tickets... I'm not very good at getting tickets, I have only been to one concert... June 96 at the Forum in California (had to have somebody get me those!) but I'm going to give it everything I got to find some tickets. And I would also like to know where he could be playing as well, I haven't a clue...

05-19-1998, 09:26 PM
Well I haven't been to any concerts. So I'll just have to try my luck with the phone. I've got some friends who will try too! So if they get through they will get me tickets , if I get through i will get them tickets. Maybe we will all have alot of luck!
<br>The one place in Vegas that comes to mind for Garth to have his concert is the Thomas and Mack. There may be other places big enough but those would be at a casino.

05-21-1998, 03:16 PM
ME ME ME!!!!! I'm definitely going. N

05-23-1998, 10:30 AM
ME most definitely!!!! I'm moving back to LA real soon...I can't wait...so much closer to everything...like Garth!!!!N