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03-13-1998, 09:02 AM
Two questions for anyone who has been to a concert since "Sevens" was released.
<p>1. What songs has he been singing from Sevens?
<p>2. If he is singing "Take the keys to my heart and drive me crazy" any Garththrusts or swivels?????????? (heavy breathing, panting, sweating)
<p>Getting warm in here....Someone open a window in here....I know it's 20 below zero out there!!!
<p>Thanks guys!!
<p>Mary Lou

03-14-1998, 02:54 PM
I saw Garth in concert in December. He sang four songs off of Sevens....
<p>In Another's Eyes (with Trisha Yearwood)
<br>Long Neck Bottle (with Steve Wariner)
<br>She's Gonna Make It
<br>Do What You Gotta Do