View Full Version : Gift for Garth?

06-13-2000, 12:55 PM
I'm going to the Opening Night Gala at the Hollywood Bowl and was wondering about taking a gift for Garth. If I do take one, do think there is any chance that I will be able to get it to him? Do you think he will stay after the concert to meet with fans?<BR>Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.<BR>Bee (aka Brenda)<BR>N

06-13-2000, 01:05 PM
Country Bee,<BR>Take a chance and take a gift!! I bet he will try and stay for the fans! They say he usally does! Let us know the good news Okay!!<BR>Donna :)N

06-13-2000, 01:37 PM
Bring a gift for his girls. It's a much better chance of making it happen.<P>--spud-- :)N

06-13-2000, 03:03 PM
I don't know what to give him :o I just have a feeling he won't be staying :o<P>BrianN

06-14-2000, 02:59 AM
If Garth knows that his fans have made the effort to get to the Gala to see him, he'll make the effort to see them.<P>After the discussions here about his tattoo, I'd take a blue rose :)<P>Angela xN

06-14-2000, 11:15 AM
Get him something he would like. I learned from the Yahoo chat transcript that he likes Taco Bell. You could get him a gift certificate for that place. He would like it.<BR>BryanN

06-14-2000, 12:02 PM
M&M's are sure to be a big hit...."any color" will do...LOL.....Can't go wrong with them.<P>Garth Forever, <BR>TinaN