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06-09-2000, 12:05 PM
Hi ya'll! :)<P> I was looking through garth cd's and I wondering if anyone can tell me who these people are: Dale Wehr, Jim Kelly, Heidi Miller, and Bandit Lites. These are just a few of the people that I've seen Garth dedicate his cd's to. I was hoping that someone could please, help me out and tell who these people are. Thanks! :)<P>Vanessa :)N

06-09-2000, 12:34 PM
Jim Kelly: one of Garth's good friends that died before(?) he got his record deal<P>Heidi Miller: a room mate of Garth's who got killed in a car crash<P><BR>....the other 2 i don't know.....<P>aRi<BR>N

06-09-2000, 02:35 PM
I can't help you either :o :o<P>But the fourth sure sound like it could be his dog ;)<P>Brian ;)N

06-09-2000, 05:05 PM
Thanks hugeGBnutt and Pilgrim for ya'lls help, I appreciate it!! :)<P>VanessaN