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11-08-2000, 10:13 AM
A Little Bit Country?
<br>Faith Hill is tired of criticism that her music is not country enough. "I want as many people to hear [my records] as possible -- period!" she says. Faith maintains that she hasn't strayed that far from her roots, adding, "My musical history is in gospel music . . . I have stayed true to that." Launch.com
<br>umm.. faith ?? hi but .. um ..werent you the one that stated that "breathe" WASNT a country cd??

11-08-2000, 11:47 AM
hey, i got an idea maybe she should go to her church (i assume she must have a church since she said her "history in in gospel music") and play that one video (what ever it's called, i saw it once on VH1.. boring *snore*) for her lovely church friends; lol ...its not that i don't like her because she is or isn't country (i could care less) its just soooo boring, anyone could sing a song like that:rolleyes: ... i guess i just don't like singers that change everytime the (musical) wind changes. i mean i'd be disappointed if any of my fav bands/artists turned to "meaningless hardcore candy-tiny-bopper pop music"!
<br>Long live the early 90's-- when Garth was the king of music and good music actually was #1 on the charts!;) (not like #3 like it will be this week, atleast in the U.S.:))
<br>.Ari.<P>(This message has been edited by hugeGBnutt)N