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06-04-2000, 05:21 PM
I need the guitar tab for the song To make You Feel My Love. I'm supposed to be playing this at my sisters wedding and need the fingerpicking pattern Garth plays. As heard on Jay Leno. I have some guitar knowledge to trade. Thanks, Diesel4Now@aol.com<BR> N

06-04-2000, 06:04 PM
Here ya go....just the version you need! (the one from Jay Leno!)<P>(D)When the rain is blowing(D/C#)in your face,<BR>(C2)And the whole world is(G/B)on your case,<BR>(Gm6/Bb)I would offer you a(D)warm embrace,(E7)To make you(A7)feel my(D)love.<BR>(D)When evenin' shadows and the(D/C#)stars appear,<BR>(C2)and there is no one there to(G/B)dry your tears,<BR>(Gm6/Bb)I could hold you for a(D)million years,<BR>(E7)to make you(A7)feel my(D)love,<BR>(D/F#)(G)I know you haven't made your(D)mind up yet,<BR>(F)but I would(G)never do you(D)wrong,<BR>(D/F#)(G)I've known it from the moment(D)that we met,<BR>(E7)No doubt in my mind where you(A7)belong,<BR>(D)I'd go hungry, I'd go(D/C#)black and blue<BR>(C2)I'd go crawlin'down the(G/B)avenue,<BR>(Gm6/Bb)There's nothing that I(D)wouldn't do,(E7)to make you(A7)feel my(D)love,<BR>(D/C#) (C2) (G/B) (Gm6/Bb) (D) (E7) (A7) (D)<BR>(D/F#)(G)The storms are raging on the(D)rollin sea,<BR>(F)And on the(G)highway of(D)regret,<BR>(D/F#)(G)The winds of change are blowin(D)wild and free,<BR>(E7)and you ain't see nothin' like(A7)me yet,<BR>(D)I'd make you happy, make your(D/C#)dreams come true,<BR>(C2)There's nothin' that I(G/B)would not do,<BR>(Gm6/Bb)go to the ends of the(D)earth for you,(E7)to make you(A7)feel my(D)love.<BR>(D)(Gm6/Bb)There's nothin' that I(D)would not do,<BR>(E7)to make you(A7)feel my love.<P>If you need a cleaner version of it...*one you can read better* email me at cowgirlup81@hotmail.comN