View Full Version : If ya'll could give Da Man anything...

10-28-2000, 08:48 AM
what would it be and why? I would give 'im a hug abnd let 'im know that everything's gonna be okay? Trust God. :) :)
<br>Vanessa :)N

10-28-2000, 09:52 AM
The things I already give him....respect, and Love,a nd most importantly support. No matter what he chooses to do. I can't ask for more than what he has already given me.
<br>My only wish is that somehow I could give back at least half of what he has already given to us.

10-28-2000, 10:11 AM
He already has my love and respect as an entertainer, and even more as a human being. What I would have loved to give him more than anything, this past year or so, was for me to be able to take away some of the anguish his decisions and what was going on in his life. But I couldn't, so all I can do is respect, understand, and support what he has decided on.
<br> LisaN

ann middleton
10-28-2000, 11:12 AM
I have already posted somthing simalar to this (check it out.) I would like to give him peace of mind to know that what he has done was for himself and we all understand why!.
<br>Ann N

10-28-2000, 11:38 AM
I'm a stranger to him; one of millions of fans. I harbour no illusions that I could give him anything which would mean very much to him.
<br>Instead, I wish for him the same I wish for everyone -
<br>- someone to love
<br>- health in mind and body
<br>- the knowledge that you are loved and respected by people who matter to you
<br>- a world to live in where love and kindness prevail over all
<br>Like the song says - 'you may say I'm a dreamer - but I'm not the only one'.
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10-28-2000, 12:09 PM
AmazedByChris....Very Well Said!
<br>Of course....I'd still like to give him a big hug!
<br>And I'd like to cook him dinner :)...just once
<br>raising my glass to you again.....LOL

10-28-2000, 12:50 PM
LOL - Jenny, the question wasn't 'what would you like FROM him'. My answer would've included a slow dance to 'Driftin' Away', a solo performance of 'To Make You Feel My Love'... and other stuff which won't make it onto this board <weg>.
<br>Hey, thish partie'sh a blasht, eh:? *hic*
<br>*tunk* (oops - that wuzsh the monitor - le'ss try again) *tink*N

10-28-2000, 05:01 PM
If I can get anything for him.... it will be getting the media off his back. Only the bad ones....
<br>I know what you will say.. how are you going to do that??? There always a way to do everything.
<br>and anything he wants.
<br>Nelly<P>(This message has been edited by nelty)N

10-28-2000, 05:59 PM
To make the REST of his dreams come true. :)

10-28-2000, 06:06 PM
I already have given him my devotion, love, loyalty and respect.
<br>The only other thing I would want to give him, but only if I got the same in return, is .... Friendship.
<br>And one of those famouse Garthugs wouldn't hurt either
<br>SHelly PaN

10-29-2000, 04:42 AM
LOL....AmazedByChris....hope you didn't damage your monitor...hehehe.

10-29-2000, 04:13 PM
If I could Garth something it would be ......a hug. And a heartfelt thank you for the music, for the friendships I've made because of him and his music........and for the Dance we shared even if it was a short one.N

10-29-2000, 04:32 PM
A day of freedom...
<br>No press...
<br>No fans...
<br>No deadlines...
<br>No prior commitments...
<br>For just 24 hours he could do anything he wanted... go anywhere he wanted without being recognized. If he wanted to write music he'd have no one to bother him except those that he wanted there. If he wanted to be home with the family... there would be no phones ringing.N

10-29-2000, 06:49 PM
My complete and total attention!!! And to be a Fan forever, and BELIEVE in him always!!
<br>Donna :) (And of course a big (((HUG))) someday!!)N

10-30-2000, 01:29 AM
<br>peace of mind...to KNOW he's done the right thing

10-30-2000, 02:59 PM
If I could give Garth anything.....
<br>First, I would give him a hug, to let him know I care.
<br>Second, I would give him a smile, to show him I understand.
<br>Third, I would give him the happiness he so richly deserves.
<br>Fouth, I would give him peace and absolve him from trying to please the whole world, when he only has to please himself.

10-31-2000, 03:18 AM
This is something I don't currently own. But if I got word he wanted it from me, I'd find a way to get it to him. And that would be...

10-31-2000, 03:24 AM
Unconditional love

10-31-2000, 07:13 AM
Love and respect for his decisions. The man deserves it. I think Garth would appreciate that.N

10-31-2000, 08:53 AM
I like to give him what he has given his fans:
<br>respect for yourself and others
<br>to believe in yourself
<br>courage to stand up for what you believe in
<br>some privacy to work out your problems
<br>and most of all to stand by him through his decisions about his career and family and to be there for him if he wants to come back to jump start his career N

10-31-2000, 09:06 AM
I agree with you, MontanaFan. You said exactly what I was trying to say. Garth deserves it all.N

10-31-2000, 09:37 AM
love and respect for his decisions is good..i can give him that. But IF i could..and i'm not saying he'd except..i'd put a big red bow on my head annnnnnnd give him....ME!....hey, i'm kidding(kinda);)

10-31-2000, 10:26 AM
When I read the title of this thread, only one thing I could think of (and I am going with Deb here) :
<br>peace of mind... since it seems he's been looking for it for a while now.

11-01-2000, 10:56 AM
ok..i totally cannot believe that i'm gonna bring this up again. But, i've got to get this off my mind. Welp, ya see my post up there? dumb i know. I just wanted to say Sorry in case i offended anyone....k? alright i feel better and know now that if i don't have anything intelligent to say..welp.. then i shouldn't say anything at all.
<br>again...i'm sorry:(