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10-26-2000, 08:54 AM
Brandon that is so awesome what Garth said about you and PlanetGarth.

10-26-2000, 08:55 AM
Dang blangety blast, people, PLEASE say what you're talking about when you make these remarks, will you????N

10-26-2000, 08:57 AM
WOOHOO I have chills :) Way to go Brandon :)

10-26-2000, 09:02 AM
Yes, I agree with AmazedByChris...for those of us that haven't been able to hear what was said, these cryptic remarks are killing us. By the way, I found that countrynow.com updated their site today with a blurb about the press conference this morning (not much info that hasn't been said on the boards here already) with a link to another article. I know this link won't work but you can copy and paste it in the address bar - http://www.musicrow.com/musicrow/formats/FMPro?-db=mr%5fpr.fp5&-lay=data&-sortfield=Release%5fDate&-sortorder=descend&cOnline=1&-format=pr1col.html&-Max=1&-skip=0&-Find

10-26-2000, 09:02 AM
Garth talking to Joyce (go you) from CountryCool.com said that he has never had a offical website but there is a guy named Brandon..from PlanetGarth.com who from what he has seen is a true fan..and maybe we will make it our offical website, this isn't word for word. But a summery. What ever it he metioned Brandon and PG so it was very cool !!!

10-26-2000, 09:07 AM

10-26-2000, 09:09 AM
<br>It says the server is too busy..I cant hear either..but
<br>GOD BLESS BETINA!! She's telling me as it goes along.
<br>Lori :)N

10-26-2000, 09:12 AM
Garth is retireing from anything that will take time away from his family that dosn't mean he will dissapear off the planet.. there will still be need for a website and I know PG and the forums will stick around as long as they can.. Think about how many Elivs sites are around and he is not around any more ? No matter what we have made a bond as PGers and we will always have Garth things to talk about it, no matter what his decion is about his carrer.
<br>Jen<P>(This message has been edited by Jen19)N

10-26-2000, 09:15 AM
Wow, Brandon that was a really nice tribute. So he's going to change you being a fan huh? How about that,,,he refered to all of us as his people. And that PG would be the way he would keep us "his people" informed.

10-26-2000, 09:17 AM
There are good points here.
<br>He will make another album
<br>He would do Chris
<br>He would like to do a duet with Trisha
<br>He will play the Opry
<br>I thnk there will always something happening with Garth. :) This doesnt exactly sound like retirement to me. :)

10-26-2000, 09:21 AM
Congrats Brandon!! This deserves to be the Official site. Not only is Brandon a true fan, but each and everyone of us who post here are true fans!!
<br>Who knows, Garth might just start hanging out here once things settle down for him!! Wouldn't that be the coolest!!N

10-26-2000, 09:36 AM
When I heard those words "Planet Garth" come out of his mouth, I said, "YES! YES!" :)
<br>Gooooooo Brandon! Goooooooo PGers! We've let him know how much we love him here. From what he said he's obvioulsy been here. In his words, "From what I've SEEN and HEARD".... YAY! YAY! YAY!
<br>God Bless.

10-26-2000, 09:55 AM
Wow! That is FANtastic news!
<br>ConGARTHulations Brandon!
<br>What a great way to keep connected to our man!
<br>Thank you Brandon, and Thank you, Garth!

10-26-2000, 10:05 AM
Congratulations Brandon.That was so cool.I was hollering also in excitement that he mentioned it and possibly will be the official site."Very Cool" as Garth would say.I loved what he said about we all won't let him go and are there for him no matter what.He also said that we find him no matter where he is including Oklahoma.This part was cute, he said but I sure didn't see any of them at the fire when I needed them and laughed.Garth, you should have just got on here and told us all you needed us and we would have been right there.haha Anyway I am so proud to be a part of this site and even prouder of you Brandon for the recognition you got from him today.N

10-26-2000, 10:08 AM
Thanks for the info and congrats, Brandon!N

10-26-2000, 10:21 AM
That would be cool to have PG the offcial site or just to have a official Garth site period.. I hope Garth does it but he will probally get too busy with his last album and stuff and forget about it.:) But maybe he won't.:)N

10-26-2000, 10:39 AM
Wooohooo...way to go Brandon!!! Thanks everyone who posted bits about what he said, my boss came into work of all times and I couldn't get on his computer. Then Kim called me from Texas to see if I was listening or having a problem like everyone else. While I was talking to her...my boss chimed in, "oh I forgot to tell you Garth was on TV"! The only thing that saved him from harm was the fact that I'd set up the VCR for GMA before I left for work this morning!
<br>I agree Lori, he's always going to be doing something...just not as extensive as before!

10-26-2000, 10:48 AM
It was so AWESOME to hear Garth mention Brandon and Planet Garth. Congratulations Brandon!! And thank you for giving us this site.
<br> LisaN

10-26-2000, 10:54 AM
<br>Way to go. You deserve the recognition.N

10-26-2000, 11:27 AM
Planet Garth.com
<br>The Official Internet Site of Garth Brooks - Est. 1995
<br>Sounds GOOD to me! :) :) :)
<br>Congratulations Brandon, you have every reason to be proud of yourself!

10-26-2000, 11:55 AM
Congrats Brandon!!
<br>Proud to be part of "the Site" that
<br>Garth BELIEVES in.

Teresa Morris
10-26-2000, 01:01 PM
Dear PG'ers,
<br>I can't begin to say the amount of happiness and pride that today has brought me. I, from the first moment Brandon approached me about writing for PG have been intensely proud to be associated with this site. It's nothing but pure class, and for me, just a plain ole country girl with nothing to offer but my words, thoughts, and feelings, finally felt like I'd found a home. Today, I am SO proud of that "home" that words fail me. I'm so proud OF and FOR Brandon, my Sugarbritches ;) that I could laugh, cry, sing, shout! This has been a long time coming and so well deserved. Nobody has done it better...and PG has always maintained a classy, honest, sincere, and reverent approach to Garth.
<br>IF this works, I don't know that I will be asked to remain as a fixture on PG with my columns. I'd be lying like crazy if I said that isn't what I'd love to have happen. BUT...if it doesn't happen...all I can say is the ride has been so sweet...the memories will last me a long time and I'm forever grateful for the time I've spent here.
<br>Today, though a day of many emotions that I am trying so hard to sort out, keeps shining through as a day to be proud. Proud of PG, proud of Brandon, and proud of Garth. Be happy Garth...that's all any of us really want. Remember....WE BELIEVE.

10-26-2000, 02:29 PM
That is totally awesome Brandon:):):):)
<br>Way to go:):):):)

Lowell Miller
10-26-2000, 02:42 PM
I hope Brandon would still have total control over PG(With Moni of course!) if/when it becomes the offical site. Unless Garth wants to help. :)N

10-26-2000, 02:53 PM
That is too cool it would be really neat to have this as the official site for garth.

10-26-2000, 03:45 PM
Starts a chant...
<br>Sugarbritches... Sugarbritches... WE WANT Sugarbritches...
<br>*husband whispers in my ear*
<br>*makes a pouting sigh... ok*
<br>*clears throat*
<br>Mr. Wisea...
<br>*husband whispers in ear again*
<br>*Says to hubby... ok, ok, ok... I'll quit picking on Brandon*
<br>*clears throat again*
<br>Oh Mighty One... Head Webmaster of all Webmasters... Leader of PG and bringer of all things Garthlike...
<br>When you get back from Hobnobbing with the stars get your sugarbritches back here so we can keep you humble okay? *said with an evil grin* I just CAN'T be totally sweet and nice can I?????N

10-26-2000, 05:36 PM
Garth today: "Our people heard from me about our decisions for the future and that's hopefully how we will keep it from now on..."
<br> That's us!!! All of us. He counts on us to know what's happening with Garth before anybody. Isn't that usually the way with family? Looks like he's gonna have more time to give us some much needed attention!N

Monica Lockhart
10-26-2000, 05:43 PM
<br>Thanks for mentioning me too :)
<br>I am hoping and praying the same thing!
<br>This is a dream come true!

10-26-2000, 06:54 PM
Way to Go!!!
<br>Congrats Brandon!!!