View Full Version : Garthy Recipes

05-27-2000, 07:01 PM
I have heard people talk about recipes you have heard of that are from Garth's Mom, Betsy, ect. If anyone has a recipe like this that you don't mind sharing, I and others would love to have a copy. :-)<P>DonnaN

05-28-2000, 09:59 AM
Hey Donna, I have those recipes. :) It is in a copy of Country America Cooks Cookbook. It has all sorts of recipes from country singers. Garth is the ONLY one to have 3 recipes listed, most have 1 or 2. :) The recipes are his mom's. They are cabbage rolls, potato salad and bbq chicken. I have made the cabbage rolls and chicken. They were really good. If anyone wants copies of these recipes email me. I will be happy to find a way to send em to ya.<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)<P>P.S. its ellie_j@hotmail.com Save ya some time looking at my profile. :D<P>N