View Full Version : My dj is one of the good gals

10-18-2000, 04:50 PM
I had the radio on listening to Ain't Going Down, and this is what my dj said.
<br>"That's the Garthinator(lol). He's going to be the newest of the most popular bachelors as soon as his divorce goes through. Wow!, don't ya know that all the ladies will be lining up at his doorstep!"
<br>My station has always been a Garth supporter and he has also done a lot of interviews with them too. But I didn't understand what she ment by "as soon as his divorce goes through". I heard about someone saying that Garth was misquoted about the divorce. Oh well, I'm just glad she didn't trash him like other stations.
<br>A good comment for a change.N