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03-19-2000, 07:02 AM
I bought George Strait's new CD today and it of course is awesome. I have a question? If anyone has the new CD there is a new song on there call Murder on Music Row. It is a duet with Alan Jackson and it talks about the murder of country music. What Im wondering is do you think that Garth was the murderer they were talking about? There is aline that goes something like they saw him running from sixteenth avenue and that they only wanted world wide fame. If you listen to the song you will know what I mean. I know they are talking about country music being more like rock and roll and I just wondered if Garth was the person they thought of when they did this song. I just wonder what George thinks of Garth? We all know that George is a hero to Garth and Garth never says a bad word about any of his fellow muscians. Anyway if anyone has the CD listen to the song and tell me what you think???N

03-19-2000, 07:15 AM
Hey SweetGBFan,<P>I don't have the CD but I read in CW a few issues back where George had invited Alan to join him on it. When it talked about Murder on Music Row, I got the sense that they were talking about Garth and I hoped I was wrong. They could also be talking about alot of contemporary artists who the traditionalist don't feel are country. Given how much Garth admires George, it would be a shame if the feeling wasn't really mutual.<P>Cheryl<BR>N

03-19-2000, 08:03 AM
I've heard the song a few times and I don't think they are talking about Garth at all. They do say it's a guy running, but I think they are just being general. They talk about people putting in drum beats and making their music sound pop. To me they are talking about Faith Hill, Shania Twain, LoneStar, Martina McBride, and people like that. Garth never did that. He never changed his sound so that pop fans would like it. <BR>The thing about the song is that I can't tell Alan's voice from George's voice. I finally figured out why--they are both trying to sound like traditional country artist. When I hear it neither of them sound right, they sound like George Jones wannabes. <BR>I really don't understand George Strait singing the song. His music may be country but his methods are pure pop. Someone who releases an album every 6 months isn't really in it for the music anymore. Sorry, just my opinion. N

03-19-2000, 08:42 AM
well, i have not heard the song but ive read the lyrics to it, and i think it IS about Garth, i mean think about it everyone says its Garth's fault for what country it today, and there is no doubt that all the artists have coped out Garth and watched what he does, so i think it is about Garth, and thats sad considering he likes that George Straite guy :(<P>aRiN

03-19-2000, 09:13 AM
Which way to go w/ this post? Ok here I go getting myself in hot water again! <P>The first time I heard the song, Imust admit the thought did cross my mind that they were trying to point a finger towards Garth, but I have thought about it...yeah it maybe true. Just like in the previous post the blame can be shared w/ Shania as well. I am not saying that I don't like Shania or that I don't like what she has done w/ her cross over success.<P>Shania has been very successful in her venture to cross over into the pop side of music. I give her credit that she has been able to do so several times w/ many songs. One thing I must point out is that she has always released the music to Country radio first and then re-mixed it for release to pop stations. I admire that!! She is remembering where she came from and who put her there! BUT, I also remember getting my hands on an advanced copy of Come On Over, and being blown away by the pop-sound of the entire album. It is nothing like the Woman In Me album. Is She drifting away from country? Yes I think so. Can she be one that they may be referring to, maybe. <P>As far as Garth changing his sound for pop-station/fans to like it he never did, but he also never marketed anything towards pop radio, (excluding the Chris Gaines project)other than To Make You Feel My Love. That is the only song that was specifically marketed towards another format other than country. BUT, has Garth drifted away from country? To be honest...yes I think so. This is why I say that. <P>I had a long road trip about 2 weeks ago, on that trip I had the entire Garth catalogue w/ me. I started w/ Garth Brooks and went all the way to In Pieces. I stopped after In Pieces, comparing the sound of each album. The first was very much country, so was No Fences, but the next three you can hear a slight eveloution, from a very country sound to a more contemporary sound on In Pieces. Then came Fresh Horses, and I can hear an attempt to turn around and head back in the direction Garth came from...a more country sounding album. He made an even larger turnaround w/ Sevens. I honestly believe that Sevens is the most country album Garth has really put out since Ropin' or even No Fences. I honestly feel that Garth realized he was getting out there a little to far, and he has made an honest attempt to come back home.<P>I know someone will bring up the fact that Garth has said, he makes the music in his heart at that particular time. Thats fine I understand that and I respect that. The fact of the matter is It is great to have Garth back "home" w/ country music. (like he really ever left--he was just gone for the weekend), but I can see w/ that little bit of drifting that he did do how the finger can be pointed at Garth. <P>I could take this post another paragraph or two and debate about Lonestar. I won't bother you anymore w/ my hot air...and will pass the soap box on for now.<P>onair N

03-19-2000, 11:59 AM
When I first heard it, I also thought it was about Garth, but I guess we will never know, I can't imagion George and Alan release a comment saying it is about Garth.<P> Either way, Garth changed country, bring a rock & roll edge to it. It is NOT his fault that every other newer artist is trying to have songs be hits on Pop & country. So Garth didn't kill Music Roll, it's the people trying their best to reach his level of fame.....<P>dwayneN

03-19-2000, 12:57 PM
Well, I haven't heard the song :o<P>I just want to say that I am happy for the likes of Garth, Charlie Daniels, Chris LeDoux etc :)<BR>They bring in rock and I like that :D<P>BUT! I also love traditional country :)<P>Infact there isn't really any country genre I dislike :)<P>Oh maybe if there was a country RAP song :o<P>brianN

03-19-2000, 01:04 PM
When I first heard the song I thought they could be talking about Garth, but I really wasn't sure. I don't really like what the song is saying. I really like George Strait and I know he was popular before, but I think he needs to realize that if country hadn't changed he wouldn't be as big as he is now as far as selling albums and tickets. Country music really got a boost when it changed from country western to just country. I will admit though a couple of the artists have gone more towards a pop sound.N

03-19-2000, 01:47 PM
Amen S23GBfan! If it wasn't for Garth I would not be spending megabucks on country CD's nor would I have gone to see alot of country artists in concert(George & Alan included).<P>Cheryl<BR>N

03-19-2000, 03:13 PM
Hey good topic;<P>It's an argument that has been going on for some time in country; music changes over the years. I don't think anyone is pointing the finger at anyone specifically. Seems as though there would be room for several types of country.....a naming game would be more productive than a blaming game....<P><BR>But that's just my take on this topic.<P><BR>HawkN

03-19-2000, 04:16 PM
Ok... I have not heard the song, but I tend to think they are not talking about Garth.<P>Well... honestly, I think the song does reflect the music today. I don't mind a bit of pop sounding in some of the country songs, but COMPLETE pop songs shouldn't be played such as "I Love You" and "Back At One". Although both songs are good, they are totally pop. It's just no way that you could argue if either song is country music. And I think this what George and Alan are referring to... <P>But it's still ironic though. George invited Martina for his country festival and yet he is complaining about the pop songs in country.<P>Tommy<BR>N

03-20-2000, 06:25 AM
Maybe it's about country radio, not playing the traditional country sounding songs, along with the older artist?<P>dwayneN

03-20-2000, 08:16 AM
One thing that bothers me about this "country goes pop" thing....<P>There is a BIG difference between POP and ROCK 'N ROLL! If POP was a flavor, it would be VANILLA!<P>We're talking BRUCE versus Brittainy Spears!<P>Anyway, I don't understand how anyone could ever say Garth's music has even slight POP influence - it surely has ROCK 'N ROLL influence giving an extra kick to his country roots.<P>Some of you older PGers probably remember the music genre called "Country Rock" - Poco, Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, etc. Garth brought that genre back and refined it into a whole new music genre that indeed changed country music - for the better!.<P>As for Gearge Strait, well, sorry to offend, but I just don't "get" his appeal anyway. To me, his songs are very simplistic which would be okay if he had the rich vocals to enhance them, but his voice has no richness or depth.<P>Alan Jackson, I like, though. And he also does some rockin' & rollin' so he shouldn't be pointing fingers.<P>Oh, well, that's today's episode of Bev's Soapbox! :o<P>BevN

03-20-2000, 12:21 PM
Bev :)<P>I agree on Garth's songs being a bit of rock'n'roll :)<BR>otherwise I wouldn't buy it, just like I will never buy Shania's pop album :)N

03-20-2000, 05:17 PM
I hate to say this, but, I remember POCO, and I loved them!! I guess I have liked country longer than I thought.....N