View Full Version : New Stuff??

09-26-2000, 04:34 PM
Today coming home, my radio DJ played "The River" and said that word was out that Garth was going to do a remix of the song Wild Horse, from the "No Fences" album. This maybe being in hopes of boosting the sales and moving the Album back up. Also he said that there was also news going out to them of a new album in Spring next year. Then he said for anyone to call that had more information. I couldn't stick around and wait so I don't know if he got calls.
<br>I'm not here to start rumors, I hope a few know me better than that. I've read some where you all have posted that he isn't doing anything this year, but I'm behind on most the stuff.
<br>Does anyone have any information on the Remix or the Album coming for Spring??

09-27-2000, 02:33 PM
I don't know about that, but thanks for the news:)