View Full Version : The Superstisious Garth and the Number 13

Chris Gaines
09-26-2000, 04:59 AM
I figure the forums needed a little more life and hope that this could cause that LOL :)
<br>Do you think Garth is scared about the next album he releases just bacause it will be his 13th Album release..
<br>1) Garth Brooks
<br>2) No Fences
<br>3) Ropin' The Wind
<br>4) The Chase
<br>5) Beyond The Season
<br>6) In Pieces
<br>7) The Hits
<br>8) Fresh Horses
<br>9) Sevens
<br>10) Double Live
<br>11) Chris Gaines
<br>12) Magic Of Christmas
<br>I'm kinda betting he's holding off to let "THE LAMB" be that 13th Album released so that Gaines gets that superstitious Number and not Garth.. Since Garth said that Gaines isn't superstitious. LOL :)
<br>What you all think? lol
<br>Or have I gone nuts? :P
<br>(strike that last question:P)N

09-26-2000, 05:50 AM
Interesting theory Jason. :)
<br>Let "The Lamb" be number 13..
<br>I like the theory..but not the waiting part :P

09-26-2000, 07:53 AM
I agree with Jas.... :P for the third time.....lol

09-26-2000, 12:03 PM
Jason, do you know something we don't know and your just teasing us? :)
<br>It does make sense, to wait for The Lamb for his 13th album if Garth IS superstisious and Chris is NOT. But even Chris didn't sing on the 13th track of his greatest hits:)

Chris Gaines
09-26-2000, 01:15 PM
Dwayne your right he didn't,
<br>But Garth was asked about the 13 tracks.. and his response was.. "Gaines isn't scared of numbers"

09-26-2000, 02:51 PM
You might have a point Jason. Have you also noticed how Chris signs his name with 3 sevens? The 'C' and the 'G' are both not only upside down, but also backwards. Also the 'G' he completes with a correct '7'. Weird, huh? Especially in light of the fact he said on the Charlie Rose show that the sevens are lining up for him.
<br> If you have any more interesting things like this that Garth has said about Chris, please share them! I heard that Garth said at the NBC special that Garth fans are different than Chris'. And that he treated his gifts at that special as being set aside for Chris.
<br> I have a feeling there are alot of things our hero Chris isn't afraid of.N

09-27-2000, 02:28 PM
<br>Hmm 13 is my lucky number:)