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05-17-2000, 09:56 PM
You make me feel like the old stuff is new...GB 'Old Stuff'<P>I just wanted to share this info with anyone that is interested...<BR>I was going through old magazines of Garth's and came across the magazine "George" and the interview Garth shared with John Kennedy Jr. before his untimely death...<P>Anyway I've found that alot of the "Old Stuff" Garth has shared with us is useful in situations today...for instance:<P>About the concert he performed at in DC ...<BR>alot of people were upset and alot even turned their backs on Garth before hearing his side of the story...they jumped and judged him guilty of a crime...<BR>So...I just wanted to post this from "George Magazine" <BR> <BR>John Kennedy asks "In 'We Shall Be Free',you made a statement on behalf of Gay Rights."<P>Garth answered: "It's interesting- the lyric from that song that got all the attention was simply, "when we're free to love anyone we choose." What's odd is that nobody assumed it could mean interracial marriages or interfaith marriages. They Immediately went straight to the homosexual thing. Why did they go there? I don't know. But again, it was all about being honest.<BR>I can't see love being a bad thing. Lust is different. But if you're in love, you've got to follow your heart and trust God will explain to us why we sometimes fall in love with people of the same sex. Judgement Day is coming, and I ain't going to be the one standing over people up there."<P><BR>I hope maybe others would share some old article's info that could enlighten us on Garth's wisdom and what he has said about certain songs...or anything useful that could clear mis-understandings up...<P>"There's Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love, That's cool!" -Garth Brooks 'We Shall Be Free' video.<BR>-Diane <BR>N

05-17-2000, 10:11 PM
Well.. I don't see anything wrong with homosexual marriage...LOL<P>Even though homosexual relationship is against tradition, if someone is really in love then I say GO FOR IT :)<P>I think "We Shall Be Free" is such a great song that everyone could inteprete in his or her way ;) This also goes the same with <B>The Dance</B>. <P><BR>TommyN

05-18-2000, 03:49 AM
I would also be interested in seeing any new "words of wisdom" from Garth that I may have missed in putting together the Garth Quotes section of the Tribute Book. I have 36 pages worth (that I will be paring down somewhat) but could still use some new ones that I missed and that might be appropriate to use.<P>PaulaN

05-18-2000, 08:32 AM
Paula, I think what countyfair is trying to tell us is that wisdom from Garth's mouth never grows old if you take it to heart like he does. In fact, it only gets better with time! <BR> I like his answer to the question Garth was also asked in the George interview: Do you have a sense of who your fans are? Answer: "I've got to believe that we are all more alike than we want to admit...". Garth did that concert and proved it. We are all equal, period. What a bold statement he gives not just us, but the world at large. But it's as he says, when are we really gonna start admitting it and "Smile on your brother, and try to love one another right now!" 'Old' song lyrics? HARDLY! Because we still haven't gotten it. <BR> I heard Garth say on a tape of the Sevens radio release broadcast that he did "not want to predict the future but 'Friends in Low Places' could be the big one for Garth" down the road.Something to that affect. Garth is showing us the way, but is it me or does he really seem to be standing alone lately? I don't think we are ready for more wisdom if we still haven't 'gotten it' with Garth's recent actions in DC and the release of Chris Gaines Greatest Hits. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to hear more from Garth. But I don't think it's a bad idea we take a closer look at the things Garth has said in the past, because they are obviously very tied up in the future AND the now. Sometimes looking back really IS looking forward.<BR> Garth may have done us a favor taking it 'easy' for awhile. Now we'll have time to digest everything he has been trying to say to us and start talking about it. And maybe learn more wisdom from Garth than we ever thought possible. And be free to love each other as we should. No law against that!N

05-18-2000, 09:04 AM
Unfortunately, Garth does seem to be standing alone(well not completely, the true fans are still here). I believe, for me, Garth's message is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Who am I to judge someone or place conditions of my love on others? There are certain things I will never be able to understand(child abuse, murder,etc.), but I hold strong in my belief that God will take care of these people in the end. I, however, am not perfect in any way and still work on the things i need to to become a better person. LisaN

05-18-2000, 09:27 PM
Paula...I hope your efforts succeed in your search for Garth wisdom...and that is wonderful your putting together Garth quotes for the tribute book...<P>Tommy...I agree 'we shall be free' is a great song and it can be interpreted in different ways as 'the dance'...<P>fuzz...thanks for sharing the info about Garth and how he feels about his fan base.<P>Lisa (garthgirl)...I like your outlook and keep your belief...none of us are perfect and I'm trying to become a better person too...<BR>I understand your concern about Child abuse, murders, etc...I will include such things as predjudices, hatred, robbery, hypocrites, etc...and I wonder about the people I sang with at concerts...when we sang such songs as "Unanswered Prayers","The Dance", "Wolves", and "We Shall Be Free" and what they did when they left that concert...did they go home and deny others of a chance to happy...were they hypocrites that sang those words "When we all can worship from our own kind of pew" or "I could've missed the pain but I'd had to miss the dance" and "Lord,Please shine a light of hope on those of us who fall behind and when we stumble in the snow can you help us up while there's still time"... <P>did the people I shared a special moment with go out to do harm to others by slandering them, denying them a voice, murdering people, robbing... etc...<BR>or did they leave those concert halls with the words in tow...did it change them? make them better? maybe they thought about things they would've done and instead did the righteous thing instead.<BR>I believe Lisa as you said...Garth's message is unconditional love and acceptance....and that means of all mankind no matter who they are....<BR>You feel that Garth is standing alone except his true fans are behind him all the way...well, I pray that he never has to stand alone...because alot of true fans already turned their backs on Garth....especially in actions and deeds...buy going out and living just the opposite of his lyrics...after all Garth said nine times out of ten he sings a song because of the message"...<BR>You can't stand behind a man like Garth and not be influenced by him and his music....that's why I always quote him...because the music means alot to me and there are alot of answers to problems within those words...I hope one day Garth's dreams come true...when everyone will love one another and hold no grudges...I'm willing...<P>"There's faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love, that's cool!" -Garth Brooks (we shall be free video)<P>-Diane<BR>thanks for respondingN

05-18-2000, 09:28 PM
Lisa, you are right. It's that unconditional love Garth gives us. It's heavenly.<BR> Garth may have true fans, but what he really needs right now are some Believers to stand in the fire with him. Like I said, the guy pretty much stands on his own. I know I have alot to learn myself too. But he is a good teacher, with his songs, words, and actions. I changed when he did that DC concert in a way I never thought possible. That man opens doors where no man has walked before. What's amazing is, he 'takes you with him' if you let him.N

05-19-2000, 06:10 AM
Wow countyfair, we were posting the same time! Anyway, it all boils down to that song on Sevens; "You Move Me";<BR> You move me/I can't go with you/And stay where I am/So you move me/...now I'm taking delight in every little thing/How you move me.<BR> When I think of Sevens, I think of God's righteousness as I have heard that # represents. And I think how God told Joshua to March around the city of Jerico for 7 days, singing and proclaiming victory as they went. On the 7th day God told them to march around the city 7 times! And then, with a mighty shout, the walls would come tumbling down! And they did! <BR> Garth says the walls are coming down too! But how? Of course, it's the music! That powerful sword he swings. As Believers we DO have something to shout about. Alls we have to do is have the courage to let LOVE lead and always be the rule, not the exception. Like Garth does for us. I am willing.N

05-19-2000, 04:34 PM
When I taught psychology in college in the early 80s (and in lectures at different events)there were three main messages;<P>"Don't hit your kids"<BR>"The problems with punishment (especially physical) - and the importance of reinforcement"<BR>"The power of love - what it is, isn't, and how to build it".<P>It was one small attempt to intervene before some trends that were developing and the natural consequences of those trends led to ever increasing incidents of violence. Though only a few heard me; millions hear Garth - thank God, and let this be an answered prayer: let others hear, listen, understand, and act.<P>Hawk <BR>N

05-19-2000, 05:15 PM
That's right Hawk! I hope we are ALL listening! There is POWER in real love. Like 'the kind to die for' that Garth gives us. Now it's payback time. Let's 'hit on' each other with some of the same love he has freely given us. We may have to stretch ourselves a bit, but Garth has already shown us it can be done.N

05-20-2000, 09:07 PM
This is my 700th post. I wanted it to be special. I liked everything that was said it this post - it just is so positive and recognizes the importance of Garth's music.<P>So I just thought - I'll post here and bring this post up to the top again.<P>Thanks to all for saying things so stimulating that 700 responses rushed out of my mind and into words.<P>HawkN

05-21-2000, 12:25 AM
Hawk...Congrats on 700 posts!<P>I can understand that teaching psychology in college, you utilized your ability to speak alot... and now you've posted 700 posts and are still teaching! thank-you for making this post so special. :)<BR>and I pray your prayer is answered too.<P>-DianeN

05-21-2000, 07:30 AM
Hawk, I too think it's great you would choose to use your special 700th post to reinforce everything you've been trying to say and believe in. That there is power in that! And that you stand behind Garth's and with him in his belief that We Shall Be Free. May all our prayers be heard that we may be listening, and act accordingly.N

05-21-2000, 09:23 AM
Hawk,<P>Way to go!! The messages that Garth sent out through his actions and his songs really are unconditional love and respect ;)<P>Keep up the good posts!<P><BR>TommyN