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09-15-2000, 04:44 AM
Remember when garth said somthing about a party at the end of the year
<br> that the "Industry" would hate, but hopefully if you are a fan of country music and Garth you would like it ?
<br>Or he said somthing to that effect anyway.
<br>Could this "Party" to honor Garth reaching the 100 mil. mark be that "Party" ?
<br>Last time they tried to celabrate a Garth sucess in Nashville the "Industry" people turned mean and ugly. So this is somthing only country music fans and Garth people will love.
<br>What do ya think, is this what he ment ?N

09-15-2000, 12:57 PM
I don't know:eek:
<br>Hmm did Beatles feel the need to throw a party when they reached 100 millions??;)

09-15-2000, 02:09 PM
The party Garth was referring to,is going to be when/if he announces his retirement. And yes, he said the industry would not like it, but the fans would. LisaN

09-15-2000, 03:16 PM
Why would the fans like hime to retire ?
<br>Maybe it has somthing to do with Chris music. Surely the country music "industry" would not like it's biggest country star to make pop albums istead of country. However, we the fans look foward to it. N

09-15-2000, 06:23 PM
On a clip from the E! news show from the Hollywood Bowl Garth said it reaching this goal at this point of his life is secondary to his family and his dad, and that he would reflect on it later when things got worked out for him, so I doubt Garth wanted this party that much...

09-16-2000, 03:11 AM
Well, I would not blame Garth for not really wanting the party. Not in this stage of his life and because of what happend last time.N