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09-01-2000, 06:33 AM
<< Hollywood, CA --- August 30, 2000 --- September 12 marks the 25th
<br> Anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, and
<br> the EMI Music Catalog Marketing Group has assembled an extensive plan
<br> to celebrate the Capitol Records' release into the Fall. A highlight
<br> of the celebration will be a new, digitally animated music video of
<br> the title track by longtime Pink Floyd creative artist Storm
<br> Thorgerson. It will have its exclusive bow on Shockwave.com and then
<br> be re-formatted for release through traditional video promotional
<br> outlets. It marks the first time a music video is being produced for
<br> a record, 25 years after the album's initial release.
<br> In addition, there will also be a TV special and a nationally
<br> syndicated radio special hosted by Alan Parsons, airing in over 100
<br> markets on Halloween eve, October 30. The special will also be
<br> streamed on Lycos and feature not only an additional half-hour but a
<br> chat with Parsons too. There will be extensive print advertising
<br> calling attention to the poignant lyrics from the album in national
<br> print, music placement in over 13,000 movie theatres in the U.S.
<br> making note of the anniversary and an extensive direct mail campaign
<br> to fans through a number of internet partners. Special anniversary
<br> elements and art are also being featured on hollywoodandvine.com.
<br> EMI Music Distribution has partnered many key retailers with the
<br> consumer activities.
<br> The company also plans on releasing a limited edition version of the
<br> album in the Fall in its original package. The band originally
<br> released the record in a black, opaque shrink wrap to expand on the
<br> album's theme of absence. It will feature the same original sticker
<br> to identify the album to consumers and fans.
<br> Once described as "elegant melancholia" by Melody Maker, Wish You
<br> Were Here was the first album Pink Floyd released after their record-
<br> breaking smash, Dark Side Of The Moon. Like its predecessor, Wish
<br> You Were Here also made #1. The centerpiece of the recording was the
<br> nine-part "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," a tribute to Syd Barrett, who
<br> co-founded the band with Roger Waters in Cambridge, England in 1965.
<br> Barrett's experiments with LSD and his own mental instability caused
<br> him to leave the group in late 1967 and he has continued to live as a
<br> recluse ever since. His replacement was David Gilmour, who joined
<br> Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason in the line-up.
<br> "What was so amazing about Syd's songs," Waters once told Rolling
<br> Stone, "was through the whimsy and juxtaposition of ideas and words,
<br> there was a very powerful grasp of humanity. They were
<br> quintessentially human songs and that is what I've always attempted
<br> to aspire to. In that sense, I feel a strong connection to him."
<br> Barrett's fate could also have inspired two of the album's other
<br> tracks, "Have A Cigar" and "Welcome To The Machine." "Have A Cigar,"
<br> a rare example of Pink Floyd humor, includes the famous line, "Oh, by
<br> the way, which one's Pink?" and features a guest vocal by British
<br> folksinger Roy Harper. "Welcome To The Machine" also describes the
<br> perils of the music business. The final track is the title
<br> track, "Wish You Were Here," featuring an introductory orchestral
<br> snippet from Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony. "In a way, it's a
<br> schizophrenic song," says Waters. "It's directed at my other half if
<br> you like . . .the battling elements within myself. There's the bit
<br> that's concerned with other people, the bit that one applauds in
<br> oneself; then there's the grasping, avaricious, selfish little kid
<br> who wants to get his hands on the sweets and have them all. The song
<br> slips in and out of both personae so the bit that always wants to win
<br> is feeling upset and plaintively saying to the other side, 'wish you
<br> were here.'"
<br> Wish You Were Here and the entire Pink Floyd catalog are included in
<br> EMI Music Distribution's Choice 2000 campaign, the biggest catalog
<br> deal ever, which allows retailers to choose the deal--the discount,
<br> the dating, even the titles-to meet their needs.
<br> "Wish You Were Here is a landmark album," stated Marc Rashba, Vice
<br> President, Catalog Marketing Group. "We are proud to call attention
<br> to this milestone to remind fans of its significance and to introduce
<br> it to some new ones."

Chris Gaines
09-01-2000, 08:24 AM
Pink Floyd...
<br>2 releases this year...
<br>1980 (England Concert)
<br>and "Is There Anybody Out There (The Wall Live (1983-84)"
<br>DANG IT I WANT SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Not OLD!!!!!!

09-01-2000, 04:04 PM
I can't resist:eek:
<br>Pink Floyd is the most overrated group in music history:eek:
<br>Boy oh boy they are boring:(

Chris Gaines
09-01-2000, 10:38 PM
sorry Brian.. I disagree...
<br>Pink FLoyd is a great group :P
<br>better the The Greatful Dead :P

09-02-2000, 08:27 AM
<br>I don't like Grateful Dead either;) They are also boring;)

09-02-2000, 12:16 PM
Kewl Jason :)
<br>Pink Floyd is great. :)
<br>The Dead are good too..you just have to be in the right state of mind to listen to The Dead. :)